Hi! I’m Anthea, I’m married to my husband, Ashley and we have two kids (10 and 6). We live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Anthea’s Project Life is a blog for the modern mom

I’ve always been a working mom. I am a mom who works from home offering services in digital marketing, web development and content writing.

Meet Anthea

What you can expect to find here on Anthea’s Project Life

A lot of what I write about is aimed at modern working moms. Moms who are trying to budget and are committed to finding anything that saves them time and money.

I regularly feature recipes I’ve found saves me time in the kitchen. As a designer I also linked my shop where you can buy ready-made digital party invitations to help you celebrate life.

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You might also enjoy my featured crafting projectsbeauty products that make me feel fabulous and household products that I like to use.


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