Exact! gets it right with kids fashion

Exact gets it right with kids fashion


Being a mom I am always on the lookout for clothes that are affordable, on-trend and most importantly … age appropriate.

Exact has ticked off all those boxes for me. They have the most stylish, on-trend summer clothing for kids at the moment and my kids have really been rocking it lately wearing their new Exact clothes!

I visited the recently renovated Canal Walk Exact store and browsed through the summer range in the kids department.

Apart from the friendly service (even though the store was busy) I was very impressed by all the adorable kids’ summer clothes and so affordable for the quality! I saw loads of boys 3-pack tees and 2-pack joggers for great prices.

In the girls department I liked the shoes selection and most of all – the cutest little embellished tees.

I’ve photographed my kids in some of their new Exact clothes and they were more than happy to oblige their snap-happy mom …

Joshua’s Exact outfit

Joshua is wearing a pale blue paisley printed shirt teamed with a pair of brown shorts covered with little sailboats that fit as if they are tailor-made.The shirt has long sleeves which can be rolled up and buttoned as a 3/4 quarter sleeve too. The quality of the fabrics are great and the prints are subtle and trendy.




The shorts can be dressed up with the shirt or dressed down with a tee shirt for a more casual look. Either way he wears it, he looks like a cool dude and he knows it!

Alexandra’s Exact outfit

Alexandra is wearing an embellished tee from their summer range paired with a pair of denim shorts with lace detailing on each leg.

Exact has the embellished tees in a few different colors and designs.

Alexandra has a pink/coral color tee with a big sequinned heart on the front which instantly gives her a touch of glam!


As a mom of a little girl my favorite feature on these shorts is it’s length. I’ve seen many denim shorts for little girls this season that are short they could be hot pants but these denim shorts reach between her mid-thigh to her knees, depending on the size. And the lace detailing on each leg makes it look very girly.

Alexandra loves her outfit so much that she made me take about a million photos….have a peek at their summer clothes and then go see for yourself on the Exact website.








Anthea O'Neill is a wife and proud mom of three. She is front-end web developer, blogger and a self-proclaimed glitter & yarn addict. Anthea's Project Life is a blog for the modern mom.

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  2. pamela says:

    The many faces of little Alexandra. I bet you didn’t have to tell her what to do. All she needs is a camera pointed at her for all these different poses and expressions. Joshua is just the coolest dude and well he knows it

  3. Grezelda says:

    They both look adorable in their outfits. Cool outfits, well done Exact , my kids are all grown up but I can remember the battles of finding suitable clothing for kids at that age. Clothing that’s trendy yet functional allowing them the freedomand to jump, climb and run around, all the adventures kids that age gets up to. Thumbs up Exact!

    1. Anthea says:

      Thank you! That’s what I love about these clothes – they’re so versatile and comfortable!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Love their look!

    1. Anthea says:

      Thank you, I will have to keep them looking this stylish in summer!

  5. Terri-Leigh says:

    Ahhhh They look soooo cute!!

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