I kiss my kids on the mouth like Victoria Beckham

I very rarely read the entertainment news but one headline caught my eye this week. There’s been a huge global outrage over a sweet photo posted on Instagram of fashion designer, Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter Harper on the lips with a happy birthday caption.

The comments on this photo and the onslaught of negativity and trolling on Victoria Beckham has been astounding. Many people have said that it is inappropriate to kiss your children on their mouths. They reason that it will cause them to be promiscuous later in life. They also say it will lead to confusion on what is proper behavior and that they would not understand boundaries as they got older.

I come from a long line of huggers and kissers

Last year a relative of my husband commented that I am “unnaturally affectionate” with my kids. It took me completely by surprise because in my opinion my behavior towards my kids is completely normal. I realized then that not everyone is that affectionate. Some people show affection in other ways than physically.

I come from a long line of huggers and kissers in my family. When I was younger and we visited family, it was normal to greet all your relatives with a hug or a kiss or even both. This is still is our way.

I realized that my husband’s upbringing was different. His family is more conservative than mine. While hugs and kisses are allowed with most of his relatives, outward displays of affection are not the norm. They show affection in other ways for sure but not so much physically.

I kiss my kids on the mouth just like Victoria Beckham
I kiss my kids on the mouth just like Victoria Beckham

I decided that there is no world in which I won’t exuberantly hug and kiss my children and receive those hugs and kisses from them anytime. Being outwardly affectionate is how my husband and I treat each other. So this is how we treat our kids as well.

Our kids are the same. Our daughter will mostly prefer cheek kisses with me but she will kiss her dad on the mouth. Our son will kiss his dad on the head or cheek mostly but he always plants his kisses right on my mouth.

Different strokes for different folks

Give us a peck
Give us a peck

It just goes to show that it really is “different strokes for different folks”.

At the end of the day, mom shaming is not cool. If you think it is inappropriate to kiss your children on the mouth then please don’t do it.

I however, will kiss my children on their mouths, on their foreheads, on their bellies, on their feet and any other bits that they would let me for as long as they will let me and so will their dad.

In just a few years time they might not want any PDA (public displays of affection) from us and that will make this momma very sad.

Hugs and kisses (on the mouth or anywhere) is also my way of showing them love and affection. I’ve seen in too many children the effects of a lack of affection and I want my children to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved.

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I don’t think it’s inappropriate to kiss your children on the mouth but that’s just me. Please share your opinion in the comments.  



Anthea O'Neill is a wife and proud mom of three. She is front-end web developer, blogger and a self-proclaimed glitter & yarn addict. Anthea's Project Life is a blog for the modern mom.

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  1. People can be so stupid ! Off course I kiss my kids on the lips, the cheek the neck …anywhere a 23 year old will let me! ?

  2. Why would anyone else have a say in the way any mom showers her kids with affection is beyond me!!
    I am not so comfortable with lip kissing my LO, but that does not mean the entire world should feel the same way! That’s just ridiculous!

    What’s funny is that there are moments when my LO tries to smack me on the lips & I resist – possibly it worries me that he might try the same on his friends! 😛 … and in the country I come from, that might be scandalous!!

    Another habit he has is to suddenly peck me on the cheek in public. Now, we too are not really comfy with PDA… but he’s my baby and he’ll only be little for so long!! So, i’m willing to take as much affection as I get while it lasts! 😛

    Loved the article Anthea 🙂

  3. Unnaturally affectionate?! I find those words to be quite sad. I am lucky enough to also be ‘unnaturally affectionate’. I will kiss and hug my child until the day she pushes me away 😉

    I also saw the photo of the kiss and I found many of the negative statements truly ridiculous. It really upset me that people used the word ‘sexualisation’ when all the image showed was an act of love and affection (something that the world needs now more than ever!).

    Love your post, Anthea x

    1. Appreciate the feedback Charlene. I’m glad you are also “unnaturally affectionate”!

  4. I hate it that she got shamed for it! I love kisses and hugs with my kids and hubby – the res though, on the cheek or so. But the point is – families set their own rules and no shaming should be allowed

    1. It’s so true! Families do set their own rules!

  5. Kylie says:

    The headline of this article caught my eye Anthea, so catchy! Well written. I think people can be such prudes really. There’s nothing wrong with kissing your own child on the mouth. Different Strokes for different folks as you say!

    1. Thank you, Kylie!

  6. Pamela Overmeyer says:

    I’m a hugger & a kisser but my husband is not so it was a toss up who the kids would gravitate towards. I’m happy to say ‘my kids are not afraid to show affection except my son who dies Everytime he thinks I’m going to hug him in public but I see the affection he shows to his siblings & I feel blessed indeed

  7. Wow, is that really a “thing” as my kids would ask. I never thought much of it as far as appropriateness. I do agree with the different strokes for different folks bit. Each of my kids has a different way they prefer to show affection. I’m good what whatever they choose. I would have never thought it was deemed inappropriate though… that is just sad. Internet trolls are the worst sometimes.

    1. It is sad. I’m glad to see not all share that opinion though!

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