12 Things Older siblings can relate to

As the older sibling in both our families’, we enjoy observing how our eldest child asserts his natural authority over his little sister, both guiding/teaching her and being the protector. It reminds me very much of my own close relationship with my siblings. I can’t be accused of any one of the observations on older siblings below being untrue!


12 Things Older Siblings Can Relate To

1. I am the boss of you


Younger siblings must bow to the authority of their older siblings at all times. This is the natural order of things.

2. You are the bane of my existence

Joshua and MommyOlder siblings will always remind their younger sibling of “the good life“. This was the period before the younger siblings arrived when life was grand and there were no such things as sharing of toys or attention.

3. Attention issues – “Nobody ever pays attention to me”

Little Sister and Big BrotherOlder siblings always feel that the younger siblings are hogging the attention.

A friend recently had a baby and commented that her eldest was behaving poorly whenever they had visitors by only allowing visitors access to his baby brother when held in his arms.

It’s a trick we learn when the first sibling arrives. It places us in a leadership position over our sibling plus we still stay in the spotlight. #win

4. One day in the distant future you will be as smart as me


Our children are three years apart so our youngest child is at a disadvantage in terms of acquired knowledge. Lest she forget it, her big brother will quickly remind her that the vast age gap means that he possesses wisdom that is far beyond her years.

5. Younger siblings are always the butt of all jokes

Alex and Josh

Older siblings provide training on how to be the butt of all jokes from a very young age. This practice is wholeheartedly accepted by the younger ones because it makes them feel accepted and are honored to be included in our pranks.

6. We are always right


As older siblings we expect our younger siblings to obey us without question and to trust our judgement on all things (especially when making suggestions for “experiments” involving bum cream). You may think of this as opportunities for learning.

7. We may assert our firstborn rights


As older siblings we reserve the right to assert our natural first-born rights at any time. Good examples are our right for life to ride shotgun and getting first choice for seating preference at the dinner table.

8. We are idolized


Younger siblings will always aspire to be as cool as their elders. We set the bar high and it will probably take you a lifetime to achieve this level of cool.

9. We make you popular

CoolnessOur reputation and popularity will precede you and pave the way through the school years for our younger siblings. Having an older sibling gives you access to instant street cred!

10. We are your biggest protectors

Big brother

We tease our younger siblings mercilessly but we will slay anyone else for doing the same. That right is ours alone.

11. We are your biggest supporters

Joshua and Alex

We are so proud of every achievement from our younger siblings! It doesn’t matter how big or small, we love to see our younger siblings succeed.

12. We are your confidants

For the younger siblings, it’s much easier telling the eldest their secrets, especially when they need help. Our position as the eldest sibling and the leader of the pack is a win/win for the younger ones because we are older and more mature enough to give good advise but we are not in the position of authority like our parents so not judgmental! We are also known for keeping secrets!

Are you the oldest sibling in your family? Leave a comment below about your sibling relationships.

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