20 Things you didn't know about me

Anthea O'NeillMost of my readers know me from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I thought you might want to know the person behind the blog. So in the spirit of full disclosure I am going share…

20 things you probably didn’t know about me

  1. I am absolutely terrified of owls and spiders.
  2. I don’t enjoy chewing different textures together so I never eat trifle pudding nor add nuts in my salad.
  3. I always wear red lipstick to boardroom meetings because it makes me feel empowered.
  4. I long to play the guitar but I don’t take lessons because I don’t want callused fingers.
  5. My absolute favorite season is Winter.
  6. My favorite things about Winter are med-lemon when I have a cold, hot water bottles, warm wooly scarves and making copious amounts of yummy soup.
  7. I don’t get British movies.
  8. If two actors share a common feature eg. black hair, I can’t differentiate eg. Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler, Phill Collins and Sir Elton John, Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr.
  9. I once burnt water (my husband made me add this).
  10. In primary school I was a loner and a geek and in high school I became an extrovert and was crowned as Miss Personality.
  11. I dislike chocolate flavored snacks like chocolate milkshake, chocolate ice-cream, etc. but I do like chocolate on its own.
  12. Waiting tables throughout high school and college was my favorite job and was also how I met my husband.
  13. I’ve been an avid reader since I was five years old and I still regularly read a 7 book quota in a two week span.
  14. On a Saturday morning you will probably find me in the library or at a craft shop.
  15. I got straight D’s and E’s for mathematics in high school and then went on to become a web developer/coder.
  16. When I meet clients for the first time they are usually surprised by how feminine I am because I am a good web developer (major stereo-type).
  17. I have a tattoo of kitten paws in a secret place.
  18. I once traveled to Germany and Austria by myself.
  19. The most special part of my day is when I fetch my kids from school and see their honest and exuberant excitement at seeing me (never get’s old!).
  20. I once told my husband that he is the bane of my existence because I thought it was a term of endearment. He now calls me the “thorn in his side” when he is feeling especially affectionate.

Anthea and Ashley O'Neill

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