When calls the heart

I’ve compiled a list my favorite series that has deprived me of many hours of sleep over the holidays! I love watching series! I prefer them over movies any day. The thing is, some shows are just so dark and gruesome that it leaves me feeling dark and gloomy. If I wanted to feel that way, I’d watch the news or trawl through my social media feed! When I watch a TV series, I want to be entertained! I want to get wrapped up and carried away to another time and place. I want the same feeling I get when I read a really good book!

And there are those types of series out there. There are some really good shows that I’ve so much enjoyed this holidays. That’s why I though I’d share some of my favorite series that have truly entertained me.

If lighthearted, dramatic and sometimes downright funny series is for you, then you’re gonna love the shows on this list!

My list of binge-worthy favorite series to watch

Anne with E

Canadian television series based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It took me a while after watching the trailer to finally watch the first episode of Anne with an E.

I thought it would be boring because honestly, the trailer does not do it justice. Once I started the first episode, something about Anne’s story just drew me in. Pretty soon I was hooked on the series and rooting for her in all her adventures.

Unfortunately there is only one season out but season 2 is set for release in late 2018! This is one you can also watch with your kids which is great! Anne might be a young child but you soon become invested in some of the real-life challenges her friends and family go through. I just loved it!

When calls the heart

When calls the heart

If the handsome Mounty Jack is not reason enough to watch this show, I don’t know what is! When Calls the Heart is about an heiress named, Elizabeth. She leaves the comfort of her family and home in the city to become a school teacher in a small developing mining town. She very quickly endears herself to the town folk and of course, falls in-love with the handsome Mounty Jack.

I love this glimpse into a simpler time and their way of life in the old days. Also all the characters in the show are just so NICE! At the end of every episode you’re left with warm, fuzzy feelings! This is another show that you can watch with the kids because it promotes good values and kindness to neighbors.

The neighbors are very neighborly and always helping each other out. Mounty Jack and Elizabeth’s romance developed over a long period of time and is based on mutual admiration and respect. Although sometimes I wished this would be the one Hallmark show where they would just kiss on-screen!

Downton Abbey

This is an authentic period drama that quickly becomes addictive. I have no recollection of my life during the four seasons I watched.

Downton Abbey shows the intimate details and intricate workings of the lives of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and their family, and the difficulties, dangers and drama for the servants who live at Downton with them.

I love period drama’s and Downton Abbey is probably the best I’ve watched yet! It made me feel absolutely devastated at least twice. So much so that I cried real tears! The whole while I watched this I felt like I was part of the household.

The Crown

What is it about the monarchy that is so fascinating? I guess it’s that the monarchy is steeped in tradition, elegance and power. That’s what makes The Crown really enjoyable. It gives you a glimpse into the royal family, their drama and their history.

The Crown is a historical drama television series. The show is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. It took me a while to actually start watching this show although it was recommended so many times by friends. I’ve just started watching the first season and I have to admit that as they said, it is really good!

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is a really great drama series! I’ve just completed season 2 and that cliffhanger left me gasping and open-mouthed with shock! When you start watching this show, it takes a while for your mind to stop comparing Jack Bauer with Kirk Franklin. The two characters are very different but you can’t help smiling when even President Kirk Franklin shouts “Dammit!” in true Jack Bauer style! Watch it, you will love it! It’s not for kids though as there is some violence in the show.

So that’s what been depriving me of sleep these last few weeks. As I’ve said though, every show on my list of favorite series is a bit easier to watch than some of the disturbing and gruesome shows that are currently airing. These TV shows all left me feeling simply happy and entertained!

Do you have any good, wholesome shows to share? Drop it in the comments below! And please take a minute to share this post!

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