7 Laundry Tips for Rainy Days

Laundry is one of those never-ending housekeeping tasks that can quickly get out of hand if left for too long. Clothes don’t dry properly when it rains so the washing just piles up for days. Hopefully these laundry tips can help you be more efficient and help to make this task a little easier on rainy days.

Tips for doing laundry on rainy days

1. Prioritize

When it rains constantly you can’t hang  wet washing on the outside line. The trick is to prioritize your dirty laundry and only wash the bare essentials until you can hang more washing outside.

Keep all your important clothes at the top of the pile or in a separate basket. These would be the underwear, pajamas, school and work uniforms, etc.

Less important laundry like bed linens, towels, etc. become “nice to have” items during Winter. These go right to the bottom of the pile!

2. Stretch out changing linens and towels as much as possible

Nobody loves fresh linens and towels more than me! Nothing makes me happier than climbing into bed on the day I’ve changed the bed linens!

During the warmer seasons, I change our bed linens every Friday. Sheets and pillow cases are changed biweekly. Towels are usually only used once or twice before they’re replaced with fresh towels.

During the rainy season all these fresh linens have now become a luxury! Because I can’t wash them as often, I change sheets and pillow cases only once a week and the other  linens every two to three weeks (bed covers, duvet covers, protectors, etc).  Towels are air dried and reused until I can smell them.

3. Recycle your dirty clothes

The same applies to clothes, unless the clothes are smelly, it goes back into the wardrobe to be re-used. Although we can’t do this with any undergarments, we can re-use outer garments like denims and any outer tops. If they’re not stained or smelly, they’re good!

4. Air dry your laundry inside your home

You don’t need any fancy equipment or even a clothes horse to air dry your clothes inside your home.

Freshen used towels by hanging them over your bedroom doors in the morning. They’ll air dry better spread out there than all bunched up on a hook in the bathroom.

Smaller clothes like underwear, etc. can hang over furniture, shower rods and even string stretched between your furniture.

5. Use warm areas to inside dry faster

Find areas inside your home that will dry washing faster. Sunny patches in front of windows or inside the patio door is a good place to place your wet washing. In the kitchen, the area in front of your oven and behind your refrigerator also has warm air while in use which can dry your washing faster. If you’re using a heater at night, bring the washing closer!

6. Double spin

When doing laundry you can give it an extra spin cycle to get more droplets of water out. It really does help to dry it a bit quicker, especially when you’re having to hang it inside your home.

7. Plan around the weather forecast

Keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can prepare a proper laundry day on a sunny one. It’s better to get the washing hung as early as possible because it get’s damp and cold in the mid-afternoon already during Winter.

I run a wash cycle on the night before already when I know there’ll be sunshine. It usually does not get smelly in the machine just overnight. It’s also one less thing to do on a busy morning if you’re needing to leave for school or work early.

Hopefully these laundry tips are helpful, even if you’re already doing some of them. It really helps to get a good strategy in place to make these tedious housekeeping tasks just a little easier to manage, don’t you think?

Do you have any laundry tips that help you through the rainy season? Please share it with us in the comments below!