Something truly amazing happened during the school holidays. My 9 year old son discovered a Rotten School book and he could not put it down. The books in the Rotten School series are just gross enough for a 9 year old boy to really get into.

Rotten School Pink'd and Skunked by R.L. Stine

Up until now, my 9 year old has only shown an interest in serious, factual books on things he loves to learn about ie. planet earth, space, etc. His reading ability is fairly good but I knew that with practice it could be excellent!

We visit the library often but I always have to force him to take one or two reading books with his stack of factual books.

How we encouraged his reading

To encourage his reading, we’ve been allowing him a quiet reading time by himself after his sister goes to bed. He also goes to bed but instead of sleeping he has some extra time to read by himself before his light gets turned off. This has really helped with promoting his reading.

He has has some books sent from his teenage uncle in Australia for a while now but shown no interest. One evening, I read a snippet of a Rotten School book and the writing style and story piqued his interest. I then asked him to read one or two pages by himself and left him to it. He has been unable to put this book down ever since then and he reads by himself during the day and at night.

Rotten School Series by R.L.Stine

Punk’d and Skunked


Bernie Bridges has always dreamed about going to PPP—the exclusive Preppy Prep Prep school. All the kids at PPP are rich, rich, rich! And if there is one thing that Bernie loves it’s money, money, money!

But how will Bernie get to PPP? All he and his buddies have to do is win the National School Make-a-Great-Invention Contest, and off they go to PPP for a week to compete in the final round. There’s just one problem—their best ideas are a Hamster on a Stick and a light-up comb!

With a little scheming and a lot of luck, Bernie and his guys manage to win their school contest. But when they get to Preppy Prep Prep, Bernie must come up with yet another invention—this one cleverer than the first. No sweat!

But the filthy rich PPP kids are smarter and sneakier than any kid at Rotten School.

Has Bernie finally met his match?

A captivating read for a 9 year old boy

Joshua loves the disgusting antics and funny illustrations of Bernie and his friends as they try to come up with inventions that will get them into the prep school.

Joshua reading Rotten school to his sister

Joshua reading Rotten school to his sister

The book had a lot of laugh out loud moments and the language and play on words is what appealed the most to my 9 year old. It’s so amazing seeing him carry this paperback book around with him. I’m glad he has finally discovered how you can literally find a whole new world inside a book.

This book is good for developing fluency and speed of reading and suitable for a grade 2-5 child.

If you know any grade 2-5 kids that you think will enjoy a good read, please share this post! I’m always on the look-out for books that will appeal to my children. Do you have any books to recommend that your kids loved to read? Please share in the comments below!