I love reading “day in the life” posts so thought I’d do one to give you a glimpse into our Sunday! We’re having a magnificent storm today and like most other Capetonians we’ve huddled up indoors in our PJ’s.

I say “most” because despite severe weather warnings, my mom went mountain climbing this morning and my uncle ran a 15km cross-country race (after doing a 25km mud run yesterday)! I am so not about that life.

A sleepless windy night

Ashley is a terrible co-sleeper! In fact, he is the worst. Even though he is asleep, I swear he snores and hogs the blankets on purpose. I don’t think a queen-sized bed is big enough for a snoring giant and a preggie.

With his ninja baby in my growing tummy sleep is almost impossible. Yet he selfishly refuses to consider ditching the queen-sized bed for twin singles because he says I’m soft and warm so he couldn’t sleep apart.

Also the wind was crazy. They did promise gale-force winds and our doors and windows were rattling keeping me awake. I kept getting up to wander around in the dark, securing windows and doors and checking on the kids.

Predawn hours are always the loneliest for me. I sleep very lightly ever since I had kids (a curse of motherhood). I’m either being woken by the slightest noise (wind will do it) or worrying that the kids are asleep and not lying awake scared like me.

Baby cuddles

Ashley’s chain saw snoring eventually got me up around 8AM to look for a vacant bed so I could also get some sleep. Unfortunately both the kids were still asleep but I snuggled up in Alex’s bed. When I nudged her over she lifted her hand to feel my nose, gave me a big thumbs up and moved over.

She later told me that she first checked for my nose because sometimes she sees shadows and dots in the dark so just had to make sure I was a dot and not a shadow!

I find it much easier to fall asleep next to her. Her little body is so much smaller so more room for me on the bed. Although she wraps herself around me she doesn’t overcrowd or make me too warm. I regulate my breathing to match hers and soon I’m fast asleep.

Alex always hated cuddling with me (but not with dad). It’s only acceptable these last few months because I’m housing her new baby sibling who could potentially be a sister. She is all over me like white on rice and loves to sleep with a hand on my tummy and apologizes to me when the baby kicks especially hard.

Waking up to a storm

I woke up again at around 9:40AM because Alex’s bedroom window is right opposite a wall. Torrents of rain hitting against the window and wall got me up and bolting inside. I’m not good in a storm and saying a quick hello to the kids, I quickly went back to the safety of my own bed where Ashley was just waking up.

After a whole week of school holidays begging the kids to dress warm, I was pleased to find them in-front of the TV dressed properly for once in gowns and slippers!

Recycled laundry

Laundry has become a real problem with the constant rain and we’ve now resorted to recycling our previously worn clothing. I’ve only washed underwear and dish rags (school holidays) and those are hanging in the bathrooms and every available surface. Luckily we don’t get any visitors because in Cape Town we hibernate when it rains.

We dug out last Winter’s onesie from Josh’s wardrobe and that is what Alex is now proudly wearing. Joshua keeps commenting how he’s never seen Alex wearing those colors before and how nice it looks. A compliment from her brother is so rare that she practically preens from the praise.

Joshua is wearing his “robber outfit“. A few years ago he needed an all-black concert outfit and I only found this black tights and black long tee in the girls department. I convinced him that it was a robber outfit since it’s stretchy.

When he got the robber outfit he was only in second grade and the house we were staying in at the time had a sensor light in the passage. Josh’s favorite thing to do was to slide across the dark passage until the red beam flicked on!

Now every time he wears his robber outfit he switches all the lights off and we have to pretend not to see him crawling around us in the dark. Every time.

Sunday agenda

We just had an amazing take-out from Rocco Mamma’s and are stuffed. Yesterday I also stocked up for the rain with fresh rolls, avo and cheese. I even spoiled them with a big tin of Milo which is a rare treat in our house! For the rest of the day it’s every man for himself!

That is, every man except Mommy. Being Mommy has it’s perks, especially when she’s in a “delicate condition“. I’ve already had three cups of tea made by Mr. Snorer and apart from a quick kitchen clean done nothing else.

In fact, I’m so off-duty  my bedroom door is closed. I have a big stack of library books, a crochet project to complete and I’m binge-watching Bosch.

I’m so excited about finishing a crochet project! The Cozy Infant Cardigan by Hearthookedhome.com is a great pattern for a beginner like me. I’m making a 3-6 month size because none of our kids ever fit into newborn sized clothing.

This pattern even has bigger sizes so I can make for the older ones too!

Although it’s a challenge finding nice gender-neutral colors, green and brown can work for boys and girls. I picked up this yarn on sale last Winter. It was end of line and I’m never strong enough to resist buying yarn on mark-down!

Ashley is happily gaming and I’ve enforced reading time for the kids. I knew they’d read for a bit and actually enjoy it. Enforcing no screen time also means they’ll have actual conversations with each other and even (shock) make up games to play together! A mother can dream… 

They came to complain about each other once but I’m sticking to my standard school holiday line which is “but did you die?“. They haven’t been back since.

That’s a day in the life of us. What are you doing to occupy yourself on this rainy Sunday? Leave a comment below and say hi!