A fabulous cultural experience in Cape Town

It was my day off and I wanted to treat my children to a day in the city to experience some of the culture and diversity that Cape Town has to offer. With this motivation, I woke them up in the early morning and got them ready and excited to travel into the Cape Town’s city center by bus.


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Breakfast at The Food Lovers Market

Once we arrived in Cape Town city center, we went directly to the Food Lovers Market on Greenmarket Square in the city center which is where I get my caffeine fuel and a bite to eat on my way to work.

12079322_10153620701225460_2856655233620636133_nWith a wide variety of coffee shops in the city center you can buy a decent cup of coffee on almost every corner. I like to get my coffee from the Food Lovers Market where I’m always greeted by the staff with friendly banter, smiles and most times a little frothy chocolate message on my coffee to make my day!

You can really make a difference in someones else’s day just with a smile!

This morning we enjoying making our own food choices at the breakfast buffet. As kids are, they were thrilled at the variety of breakfast foods available but their eyes were bigger than their tummies so we ended up feeding a hungry person outside with what they could not finish.


We spotted some of my colleagues while having breakfast and couldn’t resist a few photo ops! Check it…!

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A walk down Long Street, Cape Town

Next we explored the city’s iconic Long Street. By night this is the hub of activity with plenty dance and eating spots to choose from. By day you can browse all the little book stores and clothing boutiques lined for many blocks down Long Street.


We walked all the way up Long Street as far as Riebeeck Street. I love exploring with my children and experiencing things through their eyes.

They make me stop in the middle of the pavement to look up and truly admire the tall vast buildings instead of just scurrying past. They smell and admire the pots of flowers lining the walkway. They stop at every corner to listen to musicians and watch the dancers, even joining in, before using some of their own pocket money to support the artists.


Admiring the local Cape Town talent

We walked back down towards the Company Gardens via St. Georges Mall past all the vendors hawking their wares, stopping to look at the genuine leather bags, bright ethnic clothing, animal hide rugs, wooden sculptures, statues and paintings of the African landscape made by local crafters.

South Africans are truly so talented and creative!


Enjoying the sunshine in the Company Gardens

We finally ended up at the Company Gardens where we enjoyed a favorite pastime for anyone living in or visiting the city of Cape Town – we bought some nuts and went searching for squirrels to feed on garden paths lined with trees.



Once we were assured that we had fed every single squirrel in the gardens, we simply lay down on the vast lawns underneath shady trees with all the other Company Gardens visitors and enjoyed the sunshine. I worked on my tan while watching the children blow bubbles, chase birds and play with the other kids running circles around the birds.


We had intended to visit the Iziko Museum and Planetarium as well, but it was so relaxing to just lie on the grass and stroll through the gardens that we decided to leave that for another day. Instead, we simply enjoyed the bright sunshine in our fabulous City of Cape Town.