J's grade two class

We sent our kids off to their first day of school with huge fanfare this morning. We all schlepped off to first J’s school then A’s where we joined the throng of anxious parents and kids, checked the new class rosters, escorted them to their new classrooms and got them settled in.

They had both contracted chicken pox less than a month shy of the holidays last year and as a result they’ve been together at home driving me nuts for about fifteen weeks and they were a bit weary of being separated. There was quite a touching moment this morning when A and J said goodbye to each other and exchanged one last hug and wished each other a good first day.

The Mountain of Stationery

J's stationery

A year’s supply of J’s stationery all labeled

I sat up for hours last night labeling every piece of stationery on J’s Grade 2 stationery list. His school list was very specific down to the quantity and name brands of stationery items needed for the entire year. And each and every item had to be labeled. Every pencil,  every box of tissues, every soap, every pencil crayon in the boxes, every item of clothing, every single one hundred piece puzzle,etc. It took me about three hours.

Lunchbox Ideas

First day's lunchboxes

Lunchboxes for day 1

Over the holidays I’ve been collecting some creative lunchbox ideas on my Kids Lunchbox Ideas Pinterest board.

I tried to get more creative with their lunchboxes last year too but I got busy and it became so tedious that I eventually resorted to a plain good old-fashioned P&J sandwich with a fruit and a bottle of iced water. I will try to do better this year.

A actually gets her lunch and snacks from school but she always wants the same treatment as her brother so as a result I pack two lunchboxes with exactly the same contents and leave hers in the refrigerator for an after-school snack. This is actually a highlight of her day to come home and collect her lunchbox so I really don’t mind the extra work.

The kids were both very apprehensive about starting another LONG school year. But I just reinforced positivity and reminded them of how busy and how much fun the year will be. And once they were reunited with their friends and caught up in the excitement of a new teacher and new surroundings they were really excited to be there. J announced after school that Grade 2 work is REALLY easy! Yeah, its been ONE whole day…

By this afternoon I already had two requests for play-dates and both for this weekend. I managed to combine the two and include both Mamma’s and their kids in one trip to the park so it will be a chance for us girls to catch up too!

Back to school for Mom too

Mr. A kind of hates doing a school drop with me because I am the complete opposite of him. His attitude is “get in and get out”. Unfortunately for him he married a social butterfly so everyone stopped to greet and catch up and of course I knew and enquired about a son who got held back, a teacher who’s husband was ill, a family who’d just come back from an exciting holiday overseas, a few moms who’d delivered babies over the holidays, etc. What can I say – I make no excuses. I love people!

So what did I do with my first free day in 15 weeks …

Check out the video “Back to School. Moms go Wild”. So funny! It shows what the moms really get up to when the kids finally go back to school.

My morning was not as exciting as all of that but oh boy was it blissful! Mr. A is not back at work yet so the two of us simply kept the TV switched off and enjoyed the blissful silence. And had some uninterrupted conversations. And cooked breakfast and lunch when we felt like it and not when told. It was heavenly!

Anyway, that sums up our first day back to school. We’ve already received the tentative scheduled list of dates for parents meetings, sports, events, etc for the year so its going to get BUSY. But, with proper organization and a very deep breath, I think I’m ready for 2015!

Here are some photos of this morning: