Pamper party

Well it happened – Alexandra turned 7 years old! To celebrate her birthday we invited two of her best friends over for a real girly pamper party!

Firstly, I just have to say that a party for a small group is so much better than hosting a big one! I can’t believe how much less stressful a small group was to entertain! Even Alex enjoyed the party with her two friends only. With a bigger group you have your cliques and you have to divide your attention to make sure everyone is ok. With such a small group, Alex could do everything with both her guests!

How we chose a Pamper Party theme

We had tons of ideas on how we wanted to celebrate Alex’s birthday this year. We were initially going to do a Ninja Party but I just didn’t have the time or money to plan it. So I put it off for another year and asked Alex if she’d like to be pampered instead. Another thing that made this so cool was that we did it on a Friday afternoon after school. It was something to look forward to all week! And the best part is, I still had the weekend to relax!

I gave Alex free reign of my beauty stash and together we selected some of my favorite “real” beauty products to use for her pamper party. She loved that we were using “Mommy’s stuff” and not kid’s stuff!

Pamper Party: setup and decor

I rearranged our living room for the spa to have an area for relaxing and a main table. On the table were all the pamper products for the girls to choose from. We have a big lavender bush outside so I sprinkled a few sprigs here and there on the table. Also I laid out the towels rolled up just like a real spa.

I also used two beautiful ceramic scented candles on the table and pretty bright colored baskets which really created a lovely atmosphere and scent!


Knowing how easily kids get distracted, I put other crafty things also on the table. They had glittery stickers, foam board and glitter gel with tons of coloring in pencils. They went there throughout the afternoon to make each other little cards and write letters about who knows what…

Pamper Party treatments

My favorite part of the afternoon was treating them to pampering. They squealed and giggled when their feet tickled. From putting on their headbands and gowns to being treated like “growing up ladies” they enjoyed being pampered!

Alex kept telling the girls “its all about having a relax today!” and she got totally into the whole idea of being at a spa. It makes you wonder what kind of stress a first grader has!

Treatment 1: Facials

For facials I used the Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. It is one of my personal favorites. The mask smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. The girls all insisted they felt 10 years younger after their masks came off (they’re not even ten years old!). They also had cucumbers over their eyes because one of them saw that on TV so it had to be done! I kept having to replace the cucumber eye masks because every time I turned around one had a little bite out of it!

After facials, each girl had moisturizer slathered all over the faces and massaged into their skin. I just used aqueous cream but put it in one of my empties and told them it was a special after-mask cream.

Treatment 2: Foot soak and rub

I prepared a fresh bowl of scented bubble water for each of them to soak their feet in. One by one I went around and massaged their little toes and feet. Apparently even seven year old’s are prone to tired and sore feet!

Treatment 3: Mani’s and Pedi’s

Finally, I had them all choose from all my special Ice Box nail varnishes. They could have ANY color for their nails. Their fingernails and toenails are so tiny that I was convinced this would be the quickest session. I did not anticipate that each girl would want a different color for every single nail.

Party time

After all that pampering and relaxing, they were ready for some snacks, cake, dancing and crafts until home time. We ended up extending the party for another hour because when they were fetched they didn’t want to leave!

All the beauty products we used are from my own collection of media drops from the amazing brands that support my blog. I just used what I had and the fact that it was my own made Alex feel very special and like a real lady!

Alex's Pamper party

This party has been my favorite so far. What fun theme has been your favorite party to host? Let me know in the comments.