Every girl goes through a princess phase at some stage of their early childhood. When Alexandra had her fourth birthday she wanted a very small and fun celebration but was very firm on there being a castle cake.

When it comes to birthday cakes I would much rather ditch the idea of a professional cake and instead create my own DIY cake with the kids help! Fun was truly had by all in the making of this cake and it was so incredibly easy and stress-free. It took hardly any time at all to put together and I could do it all the day before her birthday.

Alexandras DIY Castle Cake

You can make this cake very easily by following my simple tutorial for Alexandra’s DIY Castle Cake.


  • A large rectangular slab of sponge cake
  • A small round sponge cake
  • 5 Wafer ice cream cones
  • Jelly tots
  • Sweets in the shape of ice cream cones
  • A slab of white chocolate
  • Toothpicks
  • Washi tape


Step 1: Get the cake:

Buy (or bake) a big rectangular sponge cake and a smaller round cake for the tower. I usually buy them frozen and then take it out of the freezer a day or two before the birthday to naturally defrost.

Step 2: Cut the shape

Place the big rectangular slab on a flat surface and carefully measure and cut out a big square for the base and a smaller square to fit on top of the base square. You can then layer the cakes as in the picture above with the round cake on the top by spreading some apricot jam or frosting between each layer to make it stick together.

Step 3: Frost the cake

Having previously prepared your buttercream frosting in the pink shade of your choice, you can begin spreading it over the entire shape with a spatula. Once you have covered the entire cake you can use a big flat blade dipped in boiling water to smooth the texture even further until it looks as smooth as marble.

Step 4: Add the turrets/towers

Prepare the wafer cones by carefully cutting it level when held with the point up and wide part as the base. The base must be flat and level. Press a cone into the frosted cake at each corner of the base square and one more in the middle of the top of the castle.

Step 5: Add the sweet decorations

Now it’s time to get the kids involved for the fun part! Gently press the jelly tots right next to each other as a border around the cake layers, placing a block of white chocolate every so often as the “windows”. Decided which side will be the front of the castle and add two blocks for the main door of the castle.

Use the ice cream cone sweets upside down for a nice fencing around the top layer.

Step 6: Add the finishing touches

I’ve added some pink candles at the top and Alexandra’s name in ready-made store bought icing. The cute flags on the top of the towers are actually toothpicks with a piece of washi tape cut into the shape of a banner.

Alexandras DIY Castle Cake


On the night before her birthday when I started frosting the cake Alexandra exclaimed “AW Mommy, I LOVE my castle cake thank you so much Mommy!“. I hadn’t yet decorated the cake and she was only looking at a silver foil covered board with three layers of plain sponge cake covered in pink frosting. She wasn’t really looking for the fancies and details, she was looking at how much love and fun I was having putting it together for her and she appreciated the effort!

I hope you will have as much fun making this really simple and cheap solution for a DIY Castle Cake. If you liked this idea – that’s awesome! Please leave a comment and share with your friends!