The Fragrance Boutique

{ Beauty Review } The Fragrance Boutique

The Fragrance Boutique
A few of the sample products we received from The Fragrance Boutique – how stylish!

I am completely overwhelmed when trying to choose a new fragrance for myself. I don’t like anything too musky or spicy. I like mild, timeless and elegant scents. I get overwhelmed at all the choices and even more so the cost of designer fragrances!

When I received this gift box from The Fragrance Boutique it afforded me the opportunity to try their products for the first time.

The sample products were delivered in a gift box and included a selection of their products for both me and my husband! He was very amused to be included in this review opportunity!

The Fragrance Boutique press drop
The Fragrance Boutique press drop in a gift box

Truthfully, I was a bit nervous because I knew very little about The Fragrance Boutique. I first did some online research and also visited the store in Canal Walk to get to know more about their brand.

Who are The Fragrance Boutique?

The Fragrance Boutique brand has actually been around for 15 years! They recognized that the high cost of designer fragrances cost exorbitant prices of which up to 80% are for packaging. They started creating generic versions of designer fragrances at more affordable prices and have grown into a chain of stores which are considered to be the leading perfume franchise in Africa.

The Fragrance Boutique

Some interesting facts about The Fragrance Boutique:

  • They are South Africa’s #1 alternative fragrance choice to expensive brands and packaging because of their exceptional quality reversed engineered products.
  • They are stockist of the largest range of international fragrances in Africa.
  • All their fragrances are imported directly from Grasse in France.
  • They receive their fragrances on their international launch date – a full season before their launch in SA.
  • They offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee.
The Fragrance Boutique
Fragrance cream (for her) and fragrance balm(for him) available in selected fragrances only

Our experience using The Fragrance Boutique products

Fragrances, fragrance balm and fragrance cream

My husband and I got to try some fragrances, fragrance cream (for me) and fragrance balm (for him) in scents they chose specifically with us in mind. We both really liked our fragrances! Mine was subtle and soft like the Elizabeth Arden’s Fifth Avenue (which they do stock a generic version of) and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau D’Issey (also in stock)  splurge on occasionally.

We also tested the products’ longevity. We found that as with our other designer fragrances, an application applied in the morning lasted right until the evening and the scent remained unchanged only more subtle as it wore off.

The Fragrance Boutique
For Him

My fragrance cream was simply decadent! It had a lovely soft scent and made all the ladies at work ask me what I was wearing all day!

They also had a cute little purse sized bottle of perfume which was nice for carrying around in my purse. Unfortunately this was a stronger fragrance and made me sneeze a lot. They assured me that with a selection of over 200 perfumes I am bound to find a more suitable fragrance in the same sized bottle.

Nail Varnish

They also have nail varnish in basic colors like maroon, red, pink and purple! Anyone who knows me is used to seeing me with bright red nails (because it makes me happy!) so I was quite pleased to have a red and maroon nail varnish. And look how pretty!

The Fragrance Boutique

My review of these products are only good. I liked the longevity of the scents after applying the products on myself and I really enjoyed the lovely fragrances. Most of all, I liked the pretty glass bottles and black packaging of the fragrance cream and balm!

This will make for some awesome gift ideas for Christmas this year! I’m glad my husbands given his fragrance and fragrance balm a thumbs up because I always have difficulty with choosing nice gifts for the guys! Also, they havea sale coming up! You can get up to 50% off on selected products from the 7th until end July! Visit their website to find your nearest Fragrance Boutique store.


I always love discovering new brands that make me feel like gorgeous. If you have a comment on a product you like please post a comment below and let me know about it! 



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  1. Pamela says:

    I enjoyed being near you on the days you were sampling these products. As you walked pass me the waft of the fragrance reminding me of a garden and catapulted me into my happy place amongst a field of gently swaying colourful blooms.

  2. Great products review and totally love the idea of generic versions of popular brands.

  3. like the idea of reduced products

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