Cool Runnings

This weekend we did a thing! We got up early on a rainy Sunday morning to join our friends’ twins in celebrating their birthday at Cool Runnings, Cape Town’s toboggan adventure park!

For those of you who have never been, this was our first time too so we didn’t know what to expect! For some weird reason, we’ve never gone tobogganing! And this oasis is only a 12 minute drive from our home!

Cool Runnings birthday party

What to expect from Cool Runnings

The twins birthday party was held at Cool Runnings in Tygervalley (in the northern suburbs of Cape Town). Apparently they go there as a family quite often and it’s, like, their favorite thing to do so a natural choice for their 11th birthday party!

When we arrived, my first impression was how stunning and green the park is!

Cape Town has been experiencing a severe drought so we are used to seeing dry vegetation. Yet the park is lush green with blooming flowers everywhere and the fresh scent of damp soil.

Even the kids noticed the scenery, Josh gleefully exclaimed “Oh Mommy, this is so great, I’ve always wanted to go to nature!“.

On a side note: We really need to get the kids out in nature more often! They were so awestruck with all the fresh air, trees and guinea fowl roaming everywhere! #2018goals

What to do at Cool Runnings. Hint: It involves a sled

The park is quite well set up for tobogganing. The track was much longer than I expected and also very safe. You ride on a bob-sled on wheels on 1.25km of twisting, curving steel.

The track goes uphill, downhill, under bridges and has lots of turns so you can vary your speed.

I was a bit worried about giving the kids free reign and their safety. Only when we arrived did I see I had nothing to worry about!

Smaller kids need to ride with sa partner aged 15+

Smaller kids must ride with a partner aged 15+ so Dylan, the twins’ older brother took her for a spin because he is cool like that!

Parents have no need to worry about safety as there are a number of check-points and marshals all along the track. They have signs strategically placed to caution riders to slow down on turns, hills, etc.

Being renowned for our unpredictable weather, it rained on the day of the party! With 15 kids to entertain, our poor host was in an absolute panic! Fortunately, it had let up by the time we arrived so everyone hastily hit the track!

Alex always plonks herself between Tyler and Jordan when they’re hanging out with Josh

After a few rides, the rain returned but by this time, everyone was starving!

A big lapa provided cover from the rain as we gathered around the wooden tables to sing to the boys and eat all the food! It was actually pretty cool, rain coming down all around us while we hung out under the lapa telling stories, eating and drinking.

Food and drinks

Cool Runnings has a great selection of food and snacks. Besides the snack bar, you can order freshly popped popcorn, shoestring fries, double burgers, pesto & cheese pizza, etc.

Since our party included giant teen boys too, our host ordered what looked like everything on the menu! Alex usually has mini pizzas so couldn’t even finish half of her big one and shared with Josh. Joshua had a foot-long hotdog, half of which he had to bring home. And the twins had these massive double burgers.

Being quite a good eater, Josh was a bit surprised at his own inability to finish all his food! In addition to the food, all the kids had a few of these slush puppies too! We practically rolled them out of there!

The coffee was quite decent and the bar  well-stocked. Alex was so impressed with there being a proper bar with music that she sat down and tried to order a beerjust like on TV!”.

It didn’t work…

What we loved most about Cool Runnings

I love the fact that everybody enjoyed themselves so much. Those who were riders, those who just hung out, the kids, tweens, teens and the grownups were all entertained at the party! Cool Runnings is such a fun and “outdoorsy” venue to enjoy in Cape Town!

With our kids getting too old for the play parks aimed at younger kids, an adventure sport suitable for all ages is perfect for any older kid or grownup birthday party!

By the size of my kids’ big grins, wind-swept hair and flushed cheeks, I’d highly recommend Cool Runnings as a family-friendly activity or birthday party venue in Cape Town!

Find out more about Cool Runnings on their website.

Have you visited Cool Runnings? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own. Picture credit: Eloise Petersen (our host)