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Birthday Getaway + Hope for wives everywhere

My birthday getaway was a complete surprise! My husband has never managed to surprise me in all our 13 years. He does not like to celebrate birthdays. Every year I have what he calls my “birthday depression“. I would anticipate his lack of preparation for my birthday and get moody in advance!

This time however, he had a smirk on his face for days and became very secretive. When I demanded to know her name, he told me that he had planned a 24 hour birthday getaway just for us! And then he couldn’t resist adding “See? A leopard can change it’s stripes!“.

Birthday getaway

He said he was inspired when he asked me what gift I’d like and I replied “I want an experience not a gift!”. Just to clarify, I meant dinner out with the kids. However, being a guy, Ashley took what I asked for and then added an excess of extra and came up with a birthday getaway!

This is a husband trick to ensure you’ll never ask again.

Birthday getaway

I have to admit, when he said to “pack a bag and get in the car”, I was so excited! To say I was thrilled does not do it justice. It’s the kind of excited only a mom (like a SAHM or WAHM) will understand. Imagine spending every day immersed in client calls, homework, work, taking care of home, etc. and being told to pack a bag for a 24 hour life break? I ran before I remembered to confirm who he’d organized to babysit!

Birthday Getaway: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa

We stayed at the Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa which is literally a 6 minute drive from our place. I still can’t believe that Ashley put so much thought into this surprise! He chose well so weren’t too far from home in case we were needed and didn’t have to waste any of our 24 hours on commuting.

Well played Ashley, well played.

Our Room

We had the most amazing room. It was luxurious and beautiful and all kinds of decadence! We had a little lounge area, big bathroom and balcony.

Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa
Image credit: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa

The best feature was the massive bed and soft fluffy pillows. I’ve never slept in anything more comfortable than this massive bed and for once Ashley’s tall frame almost fit completely! Even so, he still slept on my side with an ocean of empty bed space behind him. Sigh.

My other favorite feature was the enormous shower head. When I showered, it literally rained down on me! Because we’re experiencing a drought in Cape Town, I didn’t want to take advantage of the bath but soft fluffy towels and a luxurious shower was plenty to make me feel like a queen!

Image credit: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa
Image credit: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa
Image credit: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa
Image credit: Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa

The Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa is situated right on Lagoon Beach so we had complete access to the beach. The smell of the sea and ocean breeze did wonders for my soul!

Birthday dinner

For my pre-birthday dinner made a reservation at Maestro’s on the Beach on Woodbridge Island. It’s situated right on the beach and has the friendly, warm atmosphere of a family bistro with intimate lighting. From our table we were able to watch the sun set quite spectacularly behind Lions’s Head and Devil’s Peak on my 35th year!

The food and wine were delicious. I had the Maestro’s specialty pasta which has just ruined me for any other pasta’s, it was that good! Ashley had a delicious fillet steak with sweet potato fries and pepper sauce. This was actually the first time in 13 years that I had no food envy after our food arrived. It’s never happened before!

For our dessert we had homemade Belguim chocolate brownies with ice cream. I can’t describe them. Words fail me.

I did find a recipe here which sounds almost similar to the life-changing chocolate brownies from Maestro’s.

And then I was 36 years old

I woke up at 5:15 am on my birthday. At first I didn’t know where I was because it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. It was heavenly!

Then I realized that Ashley’s snoring right beside my ear woke me (I’m a light sleeper and he clearly does not get the concept of a king size bed). I got up for a drink of water and the room was still pitch dark. Then I realized the curtains were black out and as soon as I opened them and stepped onto the balcony  the fresh ocean breeze hit me!

We followed our noses to the smell of coffee and there was a full spread of hot breakfast waiting for us in the bar area below. We enjoyed the fruit and juice bar, baked treats and hot breakfast food with proper coffee. Then we went for a walk on the beach and took some silly pics for the kids. And then I started missing the kids and Ashley his PlayStation so we checked out and headed home.

Spending time alone together was nice and necessary. As parents we feel guilty for not letting the kids join but it was heavenly! And with my sister babysitting the kids wished we’d stayed away for longer. We are going to try to do this again in the not too distant future.

Although I’ll probably be getting that Spur dinner for the next 13 years it’s still nice to know that wives can be surprised!

What was your best birthday memory? Please share it in the comments! Or just say well done to Ashley, I’m sure he would appreciate your comments. He’s looking very smug these days.


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  1. Pamela says:

    WELL DONE ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My memorable birthday was when I was 45yrs old and Inter flora delivered a huge bouquet with 45 perfect roses. I was so excited until I read the card and it was addressed to someone else sigh…………. luckily Kenneth decided to wait for the delivery to witness my surprise because as I ran after the delivery van to tell them about their mistake he came after me while on the phone scolding them for putting the wrong card on my bouquet because it WAS meant for me ha ha ha ………….so DOUBLE SURPRISE!

  2. That looks like an amazing place to stay.

  3. Terri-Leigh Overmeyer says:

    Hahahahaha! This post is amazing! 😀
    Please can you go away again so that I can spoil the kids and let them stay up watching TV till 10pm??? :p

    1. It’s going to take me a really long time to deprogram them after being spoilt so rotten by their aunt!

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