On Sunday morning Alexandra came to me with tears streaming down her face. She was so distraught because no-one noticed that it was her stuffed Bunny’s 10th birthday!

We had no idea that it was possible for a stuffed bunny to age!  I saw an opportunity for imaginary playtime and I asked to see her Bunny. I immediately said that upon inspection, I could tell that Bunny had indeed grown a bit!

We planned a birthday party for 4 o’ clock and all the other teddies were invited.


Party Preparations

They spent the rest of the day excitedly planning Bunny’s birthday party. Alex was given free reign to put together her own “party look”. Her party look consisted of a tiny sized 3-4 Mini Mouse dress, a mismatched tights and one of mommy’s scarves. The matching big hair completed her party look!

Getting the children to help in the kitchen

I went through a recipe book and found “Coconut nests” which is basically a coconut covered soft cookie with raspberry jam in the middle. This was the perfect food for a Bunny’s birthday party! It looked fluffy with the coconut sprinkled over and had a touch of pink in the middle! They came out really delicious and was so easy to do that I would definitely bake this again!

The children spent lots of time in the kitchen licking the discarded mixer tools, helping with stirring and mixing and making the holes in the center. My sister and I did the jam filling as that needed to be done very carefully.

Baking Coconut Nests with mom

Baking Coconut Nests with mom

We also made a big pudding.  I found a recipe for “Vanilla squares with granadilla” also from the Cape Malay recipe book. It looked nice and simple for the children to help with. They layered the tennis biscuits , mixed and tasted until it was ready to go into the fridge to set until the afternoon tea.

Sunday afternoon birthday party tea

While we cleared up the dishes a drawing mess in the kitchen, Alex and Joshua watched an old Mary Poppins musical.

Musicals keep my kids entertained and I am so enjoying introducing them to all my old favorites like Mary Poppins,  Grease, Mamma Mia, etc. We borrowed this copy of Mary Poppins from our local library.


I prepared a cake table just like we used to do afternoon tea when I was a child! Once everything was ready we all sat down and feasted in honor of Bunny.

Our party was a huge success. The kids enjoyed the cake and goodies but the part we enjoyed most of all was letting them help and going along with celebrating Bunny’s birthday! Their excitement, giggles and my daughter’s pure joy is what I buried deep in my heart.




It’s about letting kids be kids. It’s about letting them use their imaginations and most of all, it’s about enjoying our time with our children. In spending time with them in this way we are filling their childhood with wonderful memories that they will always carry with them!

What wonderful memories do  you have of your childhood? How do you enjoy spending time with your children?