Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer AwarenessOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So far I’ve seen lot’s of ladies in public wearing their pink ribbons. I even got my daughter one and she looked so adorable in her pink pig tails and ribbon today! We even spotted a cluster of trees all swathed in pink.

The aim of the national breast cancer campaign is to raise awareness of the disease. There are also many fund raisers to help fund research into breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Be aware

I’ve never paid much attention to the Breast Cancer Awareness month before now. The idea idea of getting my breasts checked for any signs of breast disease was about as appealing to me as choosing a funeral or life policy. Very unpleasant and not conducive to my overall daily chirpiness. I mean, it’s a big worry right? So I normally rather choose not to think about things like this.

Although, when I think about it. Preserving my life and making smart self-care choices are important. If it affects my family and my children, then I should be thinking about it.

Like many other women, I thought that getting a mammogram and having your breasts checked was something to think about only after you reach the age of forty.

However, I’ve recently discovered that two people I know of were diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine checkup.

When I heard the terrible news, I worried  that they had no symptoms and did not even suspect that anything was wrong. And with a family history of cancer, I worried about my own health. After all, I want to see my children grow up so I plan to take care of myself as best I can!

When you should get your breasts checked

Although you are encouraged to get regular mammograms after the age of forty, you can get one if you are concerned.

If you have had children you should get a mammogram. If you have a family history of cancer, you should get a mammogram.

A good place to start is by doing a self-examination of your breasts. If you feel anything or are concerned, you should go for a mammogram.

My first mammogram

I decided to get a mammogram even though I am six years shy of forty years old. If you have cancer in your family history, as I do, you are considered to be at a high risk.

The idea of getting a breast exam was really scary, I won’t lie. And not many people that I’d spoken to had anything but scary things to say about getting a mammogram. However, knowing that an early detention could save my life made me put on my big girl panties and get my first mammogram.

A nurse said to me that even though getting checked for breast cancer is a scary experience, the feeling you have when you get up from the table knowing that you have a clean bill of health makes it so worthwhile!

Your life is important to your family, children and loved ones. Get your breasts checked and stay in good health. Also, please take one moment to SHARE THIS POST with all your friends.

Everything you need to know about breast cancer and breast exams can be found here:

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