Buying the right school shoes

Preparing to send our kids back to school is a busy time for parents but can we take a moment to talk about school shoes? Considering that the average school child spends approximately 30 hours a week in school shoes it’s important to ensure that their feet are getting the support it needs.

With so much back to school shopping to do, school shoes are one of those back to school expenditures we can’t avoid. Children’s feet are still developing and a tight or uncomfortably fitted shoe can cause so many problems like incorrect bone and muscle development. A poorly fitted school shoe would also restrict your child’s movement as they would not be able to move around comfortably.

As women, we’ve all felt the pinch and ache of wearing a pair of shoes that didn’t fit properly or provide proper support. It hurts!

Buying new school shoes

When buying new school shoes, bear in mind that although it is a necessary expense, quality shoes will actually save you money in the long-run.

Last year my kids wore the same pair of shoes for the whole year. While this astounded me (because they are growing at an alarming rate) it also proves that I made a good investment and fitted them properly! A good feeling because buyers remorse can make any budgeting mom feel very unhappy!

With all the options we have it’s important to choose the right and most comfortable fit for your child. This is my checklist for choosing which school shoes to buy:

Checklist for buying school shoes:

  • Comfortable and not too tight on the arch of the foot
  • Padding on top of the back side of the shoe
  • Soft and padded interior
  • Flexible but firm sole
  • Good grip on the sole on slippery floors (like a polished corridors)
  • Snug but comfortable around the foot when tied (no bulges anywhere)
  • Light weight and not too heavy to impede running
  • Waterproof and durable enough to withstand wet weather

Shoe brands that have been good buys

When it comes to buying new school shoes, we can recommend both  Green Cross and Woolworths and here’s why:

My kids have worn both brands and they were very good value for money!

Greencross is a bit costly if you’re buying for more than one child (around R600 per pair!) but their shoes are so lightweight! The fit is so comfortable that it justifies the price. I also loved the service we got at the Canal Walk Green Cross store. They had so much patience helping the kids fit their school shoes!

Green Cross, Canal Walk

School shoe shopping at Green Cross, Canal Walk – great service!

Woolworths school shoes come highly recommended because while they are also durable, they have a variety so you can buy whatever school shoes best fit your budget. Even if you go for the cheaper options you’re still getting value for money. The ones I bought were the pricier options for girls and boys but only because I liked the wider fit better. They were under R300 which I think is still a good price!

Whichever shoes you buy, just get the best quality that YOU can afford.

Perhaps you could recommend the shoes you have purchased for your child that felt like good value for money? Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you wore as a child? I wore Buccaneers!