Feeding squirrels in The Company's Garden, Cape Town

Our Cape Town city adventure with Exact

Exact has always represented accessible and stylish fashion for the modern family. We first experienced this brand for ourselves with their Summer 2015 collection. As we were all up for an adventure, our family decided to play tourists for the day and enjoyed a lovely Winter’s day exploring Cape Town city wearing clothing from Exact’s Winter 2016 collection.

Dad was perfectly happy to be on the wrong end of the camera lens while we ran around all over town.


Cape Town holiday

Going into Cape Town city with Golden Arrow

Joshua taking photos of the tall buildings in Cape Town
Joshua taking photos of the tall buildings in Cape Town

The kids were very excited and wanted a truly authentic experience so we took the bus into town! Admittedly, we used an Uber for the short distance to and from the bus stop but only because the walk was too far for little legs to walk (about 1km).

The bus ride was great! Golden Arrow Bus Services charges off-peak rates after 9 which worked out to under R12 for adults and kids each.

We had so many giggles speeding over the pot holes on the roads and being air born every few seconds. The four of us were laughing so hard by the time we pulled into the bus terminus in town and it set a great tone for the rest of the day.

Once in town, we walked through all the hawkers and stalls selling goods. Although they complained a bit about the smell and pollution (Josh hates litter bugs). They immensely enjoyed looking at the tall buildings and the massive flower market on Adderley Street.

Waiting out the rain

13620234_10154215391880460_2326352940243090633_nBy the time we got the kids onto St. George’s Mall it was pouring with rain. We waited out the rain in Wimpy and had some hot chocolate and freshly baked muffins.

Once the downpour subsided, we were on the road again and heading towards The Company’s Garden in the middle of the city.

Feeding the squirrels in Cape Town city

The Company’s Garden  is situated in Queen Victoria Street, at the top of Adderley Street, and adjacent to the South African Parliament. As a Cape Town local, I have fond childhood memories of feeding the squirrels there.

Thirty years later and the Company’s Garden, Cape Town is still a wonderful place to enjoy nature and experience Cape Town.


What I love most about The Company’s Garden,Cape Town, is that it never changes. Everything is always exactly as I remember it. The only thing that changed is the price of the peanuts!

A very cheeky squirrel
A very cheeky squirrel

Alex has a very strong moral code not to feed fat squirrels. She feels they’ve had enough to eat so we were all enlisted to help her look for squirrels with flat tummy’s who looked like they were living on bread line.

IMG_0032This squirrel made the cut

It rained on and off all day while we were in the gardens but our Exact clothing did it’s job of keeping us warm. Alex and my jackets kept the wind and cold out when zipped up. I usually layer her like a turducken but she only had a vest and a thin top on underneath her warm jacket and she was warm enough for the cold weather.

Both kids also wore kids denim from Exact. The style was completely relaxed and fit comfortably as they were running all over the garden, climbing and crawling after squirrels. It brought back so many happy childhood memories and we were having so much fun watching them enjoy the outdoors!

Joshua showing off Exact boys clothing
Joshua is wearing a thick flanel checkered shirt with a hood and a pair of black denim jeans also from Exact


Exact Winter 2016



Exact Winter 2016

Winter in Cape Town is cold and wet but we had a blast on our adventure! It was so nice to enjoy the crisp fresh air and spend the entire day together.

Their laughter and all the memories we made are priceless!


Ashley feeding birds
A rare sighting of Dad. Apparently it’s very funny to throw nuts at your wife’s feet and watch her being overrun by a flock of birds.
Alex on the bus
A very tired little girl fell asleep on the bus ride home

Our Exact Winter clothing kept us warm all day long even in the heart of Winter! I’m sure we were mistaken for tourists visiting Cape Town on holiday!

Alex, Joshua and I are wearing clothing exclusive to Exact. You can find these in-store and online at www.exact.co.za.

Exact fashion for the whole family

Check out my Winter Exact styled outfit of the day.

If you enjoyed this post please share! We really enjoyed spending the time together as a family. How do you spend time with your family during Winter?


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  1. Pamela says:

    I sound like a stuck record exclaiming, ‘WOW!!!!’ every time after reading your posts and enjoying the beautiful pics of my gorgeous grandchildren. Your posts are like picture stories………’a day in the life…….’ I remember when you were Alex’ age and enjoying the squirrels the same way she is now. Memories……… My favourite winter pastime now is to go hiking…..

    1. It really does bring back so many memories when I watch them chasing the squirrels just like I did when Mommy used to take me.

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