We just celebrated our sweet baby, Cassandra’s first birthday with a Snow White Party. This was such a fun party to put together because I have always loved the classics and Snow White is one of my favorite Disney princesses. Cassandra has always reminded me of her with her fair skin and dark curls and she really IS the sweetest baby!

Snow White dress

Cassandra wore the cutest little Snow White dress for her party made by me. I love making wearable pieces for my kids and I enjoyed this project immensely! Even though I only finished it at 7AM on the day of her party! The crochet pattern is by Loveable Loops and it is a fun, easy-to-follow pattern for any novice.

The yellow skirt of the dress was supposed to be at least double this length on the pattern. I had a minor panic but then realized our toddler wouldn’t be able to crawl in a long dress anyway! The short skirt actually looked cute too!

Perhaps when she is a bit older I will make her another one and this time it will be a full-length ballgown!

I loved how it all came together in that I didn’t have to buy any yarn for this project. I had a ball of yellow, blue and red yarn in my yarn stash. I’ve gone through almost a year of not buying (hardly) any yarn until I get my stash down. Ashley get’s very judgy when he sees my impressive collection of yarn but yarn makes me happy!

Show White party

Birthday cake

We were so blessed with this magnificent Snow White-themed cake by Alexandra’s former teacher. We all have that one teacher that we still keep in touch with and Mrs. Van Wyk is ours. We chatted at school about some ideas I had for the cake. She exceeded all my expectations and the attention to detail was incredible!

Snow White cake

The birthday cake was a real showstopper! It was magnificently decorated in buttercream frosting over layers and layers of moist, fluffy vanilla sponge cake. There was glitter everywhere and an apple on the in-line with the apple that put Snow White into a deep sleep.

I was really, really sad that we had to eat this cake. By the time the last guest left there was not a single crumb left!

Snow White cake

Party Decor

We kept it really simple with the decor. Everything was decorated in the yellow, blue and red theme colours of her dress. The kids hung some streamers in our garden while I decorated a woodsy themed cake table.

Snow White theme birthday cake

Snow White lived with the dwarves in the forest and I really wanted to incorporate this part of the story with fun forest elements. The cake table included a basket of red apples (like the one she ate), red jelly (big sister’s request) and little garden gnomes posing as dwarves.

We also had beautifully painted gold pine cones and branches as well as red pine cones strewn in on and around the cake table.

My mom is an avid hiker and had been picking these up off the mountain and painting them at home. She did some red ones, gold and they turned out quite lovely! The perfect addition to a forest-themed table! Of course, we also needed a mirror on the wall which we actually did not place on the wall but the ground instead, haha!

Party food

For the party food I took inspiration from a Charcuterie board. I liked the idea of a table full of a variety of snacks.  so our guests could eat and chat every leaving the table.

I served mixed in some cheese platters, finger snacks, sweet potato bread (huge hit) and lots of fruit and healthy food for our token vegan and the health-conscious.

A bit later we had birthday cake and the most delicious koeksisters (a Cape Malay delicacy, ask anyone here) that I had ordered in.

I would say this party was a huge success because everyone had so much fun and ate loads of yummy food. Cassandra was in on the action in the beginning and then went down for a long nap during her party.

She was a bit overwhelmed with all the people and the activity so didn’t really get off my should but she is only a teeny-tiny one years old so we understand!

After such a great party, it was on to plan the next one because my girls are one week apart and Alexandra insisted on separate celebrations. I guess this is just my life now with two October birthdays but I’m actually glad it’s not on the same day so they each have their own birthdays.

Thanks for checking out Cassandra’s party! You can also join us on Instagram to check out more highlights: @antheaoneill

A big thank you to our friend, Eloise for the lovely pics!