IMG_0002In my experience, few things in life compare with the joys of raising a daughter and watching her grow.
My baby will soon be five years old and while I haven’t fully absorbed this, I am so grateful I get to be her mom!

In honor of her we had a little pre-birthday celebration which was both stress-free and fabulous!

The birthday dress

Alexandra has never, in all her five years, owned a party/princess dress #truestory. I assumed it was because she is such a wild child but have come to notice that the older she gets, the more she enjoys all the girly fuss I make of myself and of her.

Ever since we watched the recent remake of Cinderella we have both loved the amazing blue ballgown worn by Cinderella! A few weeks ago I found a beautiful replica of Cinderella’s dress on Takealot which was marked down and ordered it for Alexandra. It was delivered the very next day (go Takealot!) and I have been storing it at the office all this time and anticipating her little face lighting up when she finally saw it!

IMG_0024Finally the day of her party arrived and full princess fuss was made!

I got her up early and the we washed and blow-dried our hair. I took my time with her while getting her ready for her party wanting her to feel special like a princess. I powered her with a feather brush before we put on her dress (she made me repeat this process twice).

I had to repeatedly swallow my tears when I saw how adorable she looked wearing her tiara and ballgown. She flounced around in the bouncy skirt so I think she enjoyed the experience of wearing a princess dress.

Note to self: get her some more girly clothes!

The Venue

Our public library is situated in Edgemead and that was how I discovered Rosati’s Restuarant in Bothasig (right next to Superplants). There are very few places in town where you can enjoy a breakfast and a cup of coffee while watching your children play.


The benefit of being situated right next to a plant nursery is that the restaurant is green and leafy, with tables out on the wooden decks and large Khoi fish swimming in the little ponds beneath your feet while you eat. The kids loved watching the fish and Alexandra claimed that the big orange Khoi fish she saw was Nemo’s dad (from the movie “Finding Nemo“).



A few days ago I rang the owner of the restaurant and booked an outside table for Alex’s birthday breakfast. The owner was pleasant and accommodating and the staff was very friendly, making our time there a pleasurable experience.

Surprisingly, none of the parents who attended our party had known of Rosati’s Restuarant and were impressed by the warm ambiance of the family-owned restaurant. While Rosati’s Restuarant is centrally located, it is quite tucked away next to Superplants so it’s no surprise that it is indeed a hidden gem.

I’d say one of the best selling features of this venue is the very nice play area. There is lots of space for the children to run around and play in a safe and secure (child-proof latched gate) area in full view of their parents.



The Cake

A few months ago my friend promised Alexandra a doll-cake for her birthday….and Alex never forgot her promise! When I called to remind her a few days before the party she had actually forgotten, but dropped everything to make Alex her birthday cake anyway! After sending Granny back and forth to source a doll, to drive me around to get decorations and deliver it to Joy, etc. she made a lovely doll-cake with a blue icing dress, pink sparkly glitter and butterflies exactly as per Alex’s dress. The cake doll even had one single yellow butterfly on the bodice just like on Alex’s dress!

Alex was so thrilled when she saw it!

Cinderella birthday cake

A successful birthday party


We invited only her and Joshua’s closest friends which resulted in them all playing nicely together.




Like proper girlfriends, Alex’s friends treated her really special and would not allow her to do anything for herself all morning. Alex got a mountain of lovely gifts from her friends and they really enjoyed their breakfasts and a bit later on the cake.


I kept the party favors super simple this year. I gave each little girl a fan, and a pink candy-striped loot bag with a color hair extension on a bobby pin and a small tub of lip gloss.

I’m not a huge fan of sweets every since Alex choked on a sweet from a party pack a few weeks ago.

We were a bit worried about the weather as we had some rain predicted and grey clouds in the morning but am happy to say that the weather cleared up nicely by mid-morning and the sunshine broke through the clouds!

IMG_0107 IMG_0065

All in all, Alexandra’s little princess mini breakfast/party was a huge success and now Queen Mommy just needs to get used to the fact that her wee baby is turning 5 on Monday (a whole handful as she keeps reminding me!).


Hosting a birthday party is exhausting!

Here are some photos of Alexandra’s party…