CinderellaOn Tuesday 24 March, my sister Terri-Leigh and I were lucky enough to be invitated to attend MORGAN TAYLOR’s premiere of Disney’s movie Cinderella at Nu Metro Canal Walk.

It was an evening of glitz and glam and we were thrilled to be among the first women in South Africa to watch the movie!

We truly felt like princesses at the ball from the moment we set foot on the roped-off red carpet leading into a magical forest of sheer drapery and fairy lights.

Cinderella After the excitement of our red carpet entrance, we all had our pictures taken in an enchanted photo booth complete with feather boas. That was so much fun!

Cinderella Photo Booth with Terri-Leigh

We each received our movie snacks with compliments of our hosts and a Morgan Taylor goodie bag.


I received a complimentary Morgan Taylor nail lacquer called “Super Ultra Violet” in my goodie bag and my sister received the “If The Slipper Fits” shade of glittery blue. As you can see by the swatches below, Morgan Taylor has aptly named the Cinderella range of nail lacquer for the movie.


The Sparkle Cosmetics SA team were our fabulous hosts for the evening. Just to illustrate how they went the extra mile: the goodie bags we received contained a Sorbet Salon voucher of R50 off for a manicure and Morgan Taylor polish instead of the 50% off that was advertised before the event. Being dissatisfied with the misprint, our Sparkle hosts went out of their way to make arrangements with the other sponsors to ensure that the original terms of a 50% discount were honored!


Walt Disney’s Cinderella Movie

The Cinderella movie was so inspiring and emotional. The theme of the movie was to “Have Courage, and Be Kind“. Lily James’s portrayel of Cinderella was so real that Terri-Leigh and I were both moved to tears by her performance quite often during the movie!

The star of the movie was, of course, the ethereal Cate Blanchett. I could write a book describing her incredible costumes. She is such a good actress that  while she played the role of a spiteful and jealous stepmother perfectly, you were also drawn to sympathize with her character knowing that her jealousy and bitterness was the result of having lost two husbands, the first of whom was the love of her life. You can almost understand why Terri-Leigh and I were brought to tears throughout this movie with her sad history, Ella’s (Cinderella’s) loss of both her parents, and the ill-treatment of Ella at the hands of her step-sisters.

Never-the-less the costumes are spectacular, especially the magical dress of the Prince’s ball! I was so awestruck during the scenes where the fairy godmother released her magic to give Cinderella the means with which to attend the ball. This was one of the best modern Walt Disney remakes of a classic story that I have ever seen.

Cinderella will officially be released in South Africa on the 3rd April 2015.

I cannot wait to watch it again! This time I’m taking my four year old daughter, Alexandra as my date! I just can’t wait to see my little girl’s face light up when the fairy godmother creates Cinderella’s stunning ballgown!


Morgan Taylor professional nail lacquer is stocked by Sparkle Cosmetics SA and Sorbet Salon.