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I had the honor of joining 9, 000 women from all over Cape Town for Colour Conference 2015 which was hosted by Hillsong Church at the Grand West Arena.

Over the past few years I had heard of the Colour Conference but never made a plan to attend. This year however, Stephanie (who had been before) was so determined that I should experience it that she gifted me with a ticket! Blessings on her for that because even though I was super excited for the actual event, I did not fully understand just how much this conference would impact my life.

Pastor Bobbi Houston our host

Pastor Bobbi Houston our host

The COLOUR Conference is much more than an annual event that gathers thousands of women across four major cities and continents. It is an ever growing global movement of everyday women, seeking to create a stance for justice, change and influence.

It is a story of “divine grace” and it’s ability to find its way into the human heart and weave the story of God’s great love into the lives of those seeking a better world.

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There were spectacular performances of drama and music and there were lots of fun moments of laughter and entertainment with all the other women, especially when the guys (Pastor Phil and his minions) took over the stage!

It felt as though each speaker that came onstage to teach us from the Word spoke directly into my heart and to what I am currently experiencing in my own personal life with God. Every word was relevant and that’s how I knew that God had meant for me to be there. Even the talk by Ps. Brian, who spoke about MEN to us women, really helped me to understand and encourage my own man. It was a huge blessing and eye-opener!

Powerful messages by Charlotte Gambill

Charlotte Gambill

"We need to walk upright, not just for ourselves but for someone we may need to help up. You have the ability to remind people that they aren't invisible." - Joanne Ramos

“We need to walk upright, not just for ourselves but for someone we may need to help up. You have the ability to remind people that they aren’t invisible.”
– Joanne Ramos

Immobilizing the Sisterhood

One of the key focuses of the conference is to immobilize us as women to get involved and to become part of the solution for the many humanitarian causes in our local communities and even on a much bigger global scale. There are loads of different causes listed on the website and you can get involved in any of the ongoing campaigns that you feel is closest to your heart.


500 for 500 Campaign: Ways to raise 500 dollars/rand

The 500 for 500 website lists 500 very creative ways to save R500 to donate for ANY one of the campaigns that resonates with you. For some practical and fun ways that you can get involved you can read more about it here:


Pictures simply don’t do justice to the electric atmosphere in the auditorium but here are just a few special moments!

Colour Conference 2016 is happening in four major cities next year: Cape Town, Sydney, London, Kiev. Tickets are already on sale and you can find out more information on their website: Colour Conference 2016 Cape Town