craftingKids of all ages love crafting and it’s the perfect way to spend one-on-one time with our kids. Crafting is also the best way to keep the kids busy while they are trapped indoors during Winter. 

There are so many crafts ideas and activities available on Pinterest and you don’t need much to get started. Ideas for types of crafting include crafts making puppet socks, knitting, arts, sewing, noodle art, etc.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

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Crafting also helps your children to develop fine motor skills. Learning to persevere and finish a project is another added benefit!

Age-appropriate crafting can be fun

I love to keep busy in Winter with my knitting projects. Lately my daughter has been asking me to teach her how to knit. At the age of five, the stitches are still a bit complicated for her so we switched to the loom which she really enjoys. The repetitive motion of wrapping the yarn around the knobs and picking up the stitches with the pick has been much easier for her to learn than knitting. I’ve shelved my efforts to teach her how to knit for another year or two.

When I finish a knitting project I very often would hand it to her and ask her to “seam the ends”. I use bulky yarn so it’s easy for me to pull out her stitches once she has gone to bed. To work with a real finished knitted project makes her feel so grown up!

Making a connection during crafting time

While you craft, create conversations around what is happening at school and really listen and engage. I like to use our crafting time together to find out the latest news from the playground. My five year old daughter and my nine year old son have some interesting perspectives on a lot of things. Children are very perceptive and I often find that over crafting is when they feel comfortable enough to pick my brain on things they’ve been wondering about.

Be encouraging and helpful

It’s important to remember that crafting with your children is more about the time you are spending together than the actual work that is being created.

Children love to be creative and they are proud of their work. To our trained eye is might not look exactly as it did on the Pinterest picture but don’t discourage, rather encourage their efforts and appreciate the hard work and concentration they are applying to the task.

Joshua gets very frustrated when he doesn’t get something right the first time around but I always encourage him to push through and once he does, the pride over his achievement boosts his self-confidence in other areas as well eg. schoolwork. Knowing that his perseverance will pay off encourages him to apply himself more often even when the going gets tough.

The learning curve and enjoyment is far more precious than the end-result! As a parent, the bonding time with my children while we craft is priceless!