Decorated flip flops were totally inspired by a book series that Alexandra loves called “Fancy Nancy“. It’s a book series we found at our local library about a girl around her age who likes fancy things. Everything is bedazzled and she has a very vivid imagination.

To be quite honest, Fancy Nancy reminds me of myself as a child, ask my mother, she could tell you stories! She always had me dressed up in ruffled dresses with a matching hat, purse and my Cabbage Patch doll. I even spoke fancy! 

So naturally, when I wished for and found out I was having a girl, I expected a Fancy Nancy. Unfortunately, Alex had no time for my fanciness. In fact, she has hardly had any time for her mamma until now! Now that she’s at school and dealing with other girls and those horrible clique rules she finally has found a purpose for me in her life!

It’s only now that she is starting to enjoy more girly stuff. Of course I pounced on the opportunity to use crafting as a reason for girl time!

I’ll never forget the one year I made her a fancy castle birthday cake. On the first night I’d only stacked the cake and frosted it with the first layer of buttercream frosting. When that part was done and the plain cake was left to stand overnight she clapped her hands and squealed “Mommy I love my cake, thank you!

Alex is very easy to please. She takes pleasure out of the simplest things, like her decorated flip flops, simply because she knows it is made with love.

Fancy Nancy DIY

This fun little craft came about out of necessity. Every afternoon I walk down the road to fetch Alex from school. And everyday she complains about her feet burning through her leather school shoes.

I wanted to get her a pair of flip flops to carry around in her school bag but when I was at Woolworths, I stared in dismay at the R90 price tag! It’s only January and we’ve not yet recovered from our festive season!

So off I went to Mr. Price where I scored a pair on markdown for R15! As a mom, nothing makes me happier than a bargain. I feel like I’m winning at life when I get stuff I need on markdown!

The only problem was that it was rather plain. That’s when I got the idea to bedazzle it at home!

How to make decorated flip flops


  • Ribbon (you can use any kind but I used grosgrain ribbon)
  • Glue gun
  • Plastic rhinestones
  • Needle and thread

I had previously bought a stash of grosgrain ribbon to make hair bows. Unfortunately it was only sold in bulk and I now have a lifetime supply! The stones were cut from a skirt Alex had outgrown.

decorated flip flops are made with any embellishments

I carefully wrapped the upper part of the shoe with ribbon, using dabs of hot glue as I went alone. You don’t have to be concerned if the wrapping gets bulky at the V shape of the thong. You can mask that with your embelishments.

With the smaller ribbon, I made a boy by folding it in half and sewing a few stitches in the center. Then I pulled the thread tight and wrapped it a few more times around the stitched center.

The stones are all glued on and for additional security I also secured the rubies to the bow a few stitches.

It took me roughly an hour to complete this project but only because I did the ribbon-wrapping part a few times over for neatness.

The verdict

Alex is so very happy with her new decorated flip flops and does indeed feel like Fancy Nancy! She also enjoyed art directing this project. I would have stopped at the little bows in the front but she insisted on adding the diamonds and rubies also!

“It’s more fancy that way, Mommy!”

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