My first cupcakes

Easter 2015 MemoriesEaster 2015 was really very special. I enjoyed my family time immensely and took it very easy over the weekend. Unfortunately our family is very dispersed this year so Easter was not the rowdy event that we are used to with everyone congregating at “Ouma’s” (Granny’s) house.

Despite this and the fact that we all either had or were recovering from a cold, we went to church, watched movies and did lots of cooking and Easter baking crafts.

Holy Week (week before Easter)

HUMILITYInstead of celebrating Easter only on the long weekend like we usually do, we wanted to really prepare our hearts to reflect upon the Lord Jesus so we observed Holy Week by reading the bible with the children every evening and then discussed the love of God and the sacrifice that Jesus made by giving His own life to save us.

This experience each evening has been a tremendous blessing for us all because how can God not be glorified when a family comes together to honor Him? We are still doing the same even after Easter and it has continued to be a very special time for us as we spend the time reading our bible in the evenings.

Good Friday

On Good Friday we attended church with cousin Stephanie, watched movies after church and in the late afternoon we visited Alex and Josh’s Great-Granny. Poor Josh was feeling very poorly by then with a bad cold and had puffy eyes and red runny nose. He was so happy to climb into bed later that night when we eventually returned but after a good night’s rest he felt much better by the morning.

Easter 2015

Easter Saturday

We are not really big chocolate eaters. The kids got chocolate bunnies from our neighbors as well as from their granny.

A basket full of leaves and chocolates

Granny Pamela delivered her Easter bunny chocolates hidden in a basket full of leaves that she allegedly swiped from her neighbors’ garden.

No arrests were made. 🙂

Easter Baskets

Their other grandparents live in Australia and with international shipping costs being too pricey, they gifted us with some pocket money to spoil the kids with over Easter. With a week of school holidays coming up, I put together two Easter baskets filled with little toys and stationery to occupy them during the following week.

Easter Baskets

The movie, Legend of the Guardians, is one of their favorite movies and in the movie the Easter Bunny talks with a heavy Australian accent so they believe him to be Australian. With the Easter baskets we also included a letter from the Easter Bunny explaining how he had hopped over from Granny and Grandads home in Australia with the baskets and we even signed it with a bunny paw print.

The gift baskets were a huge hit and Ashley and I were so bummed to have to wait until morning for them to discover the hidden gifts!

We baked!

Easter Bunny Coconut Cake

I started a new tradition this year of baking a special Easter Bunny Cake for Easter Sunday. The kids really enjoyed decorating our bunny cakes so we will keep this tradition going. Read How to make an Easter Bunny Cake.

IMG_0036 (600x466)

IMG_0037 (600x551)

IMG_0039 (600x473)

Easter Bunny Cookies

We also made these Easter Bunny Cookies and chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes which were simple enough for the kids to do it by themselves. Find out How To Make Easter Bunny Cookies.

Beer Bread and Chicken Curry

IMG_0004 (600x291)

IMG_0002 (600x443)

My sister, Terri-Leigh, and her boyfriend came to visit and the two of us spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen cooking chicken curry and baking beer bread. She had recently won a gourmet foodie gift hamper in an online competition which included the ingredients for a beer bread .

IMG_0009 (600x321) (2)

I wish I could describe the aroma of the beer bread while it was baking! Mouth-watering! And the consistency of the bread was more dense than normal bread and oh so tasty!

IMG_0014 (600x409)

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we celebrated our Risen Saviour at church with Stephanie and afterwards we had our bunny cake at Ouma’s house. A visit to Ouma’s house is always so special because it makes us all feel like children again! Do all granny’s and especially great-granny’s do that?

Easter Monday

Officially called a “Family Day“, we spent the entire day on the couch watching movies and drinking chicken noodle soup. The soup was very un-Easter-like but with a house full of flu patients it was just what the doctor ordered!

Alex baked some mini-pizza’s as a snack. She only allowed me to assist with operating the oven. Isn’t she cute?


IMG_20150406_143207 IMG_20150406_143154

That’s how we spent our Easter weekend. I hope your long weekend was just as relaxing. What did you get up to?