Elf surveillance

We are about to go into a very long and well-deserved Summer holidays! As much as I am so looking forward to the holidays, I also anticipate our two kids bickering. They will be in each other’s company every day for days on end so obviously it is to be expected.

Unless you have perfect kids (and I’m so ashamed to say I actually know some of those and they’re not mine!), you need help!

Help your kids be on their best behavior with the Elf Surveillance

In our home we have a rule (which I borrowed from a friend because it is brilliant!). This saying works well for keeping all our Christmas magic and traditions alive in our home.

If you don’t believe, you don’t receive!

Our kids are BIG believers! They’re too afraid of having their home skipped on Christmas Eve to no believe! They believe so firmly in it all, including the milk and cookies, Rudolph and the elf surveillance monitoring behavior throughout the season.

I was so thrilled by the idea I found of here that I created my own Elf Surveillance printable. 

Elf surveillance for naughty kids

How to use the Elf Surveillance printable

With the Elf Surveillance letter you only need a stack of official looking yellow envelopes from any stationery shop. When the kids are misbehaving and you’re at your whits end this holidays then you use this letter. Print it out and fill in the misconduct and warning witnessed by sections. Then place it in the envelope and address it to whomever needs it to be found in the morning.

Download your own Elf Surveillance letter

I am offering this design as a free printable here to all my readers simply because you are awesome ! Also because we need to help each other out or they will overrun us! Click on the link above and print out as many copies as you’d like on any normal home printer.

All the best!