WImpy The short Easter school holidays is almost at an end. I’ve had to do my work around the kids this week which was challenging but not too hectic because of all the crafty goodies they got in their Easter baskets which kept them occupied. I also had a selection of kids movies lined up for them in case they needed a boredom buster and Joshua went off on a play date for one whole afternoon.

On one morning during the week we went to the movies for an early morning screening of Cinderella which was a wonderful experience even the second time around.

Alex and Josh after watching the Cinderella movie

Alex and Josh after watching the Cinderella movie

Ever since my sister and I went to the movie premiere of Cinderella, I was very excited for Joshua and Alexandra to watch the movie too and had the best time experiencing it again with them.

As I thought, Alex’s favorite scenes were those in which the fairy godmother created Cinderella’s magical dress and Joshua’s favorite scenes were those in which the magic ended and the lizards, goose, mice and pumpkin carriage turned back to normal. They both agreed after watching the movie that they absolutely hate step-sisters and step-mothers so I will have to rectify their attitudes before they come across any real-life step-mothers and step-sisters!

We Love Wimpy

We also had a Wimpy breakfast one morning while at the shops. I can’t say I’m particularly a fan of Wimpy’s food, but I love going there for breakfast especially with my children because I love the culture, the friendly staff at any branch and the atmosphere of Wimpy. Most of our road trips over the years have included a stopover for breakfast at Wimpy.

Eating at Wimpy is a part of our South African culture

Even when I pop in just for a cup of coffee the cheery red vinyl color of the decor and the smell of coffee is always very welcoming.


Wimply also always has a nice selection of free toys for the kids to take home and that is always a huge plus for any eating establishment. It’s not junk either, it’s toys that the kids can actually enjoy like puzzles, books, etc. This time Alexandra got a little fairy with wings which she loves because she is a huge fan of the Tinkerbell movies. Joshua got a dragon which he thought was awesome because it came in pieces that he had to put together by himself.

Our Plans for the Weekend

Tomorrow morning Alexandra and I have a date with a friend and her niece (who is also four years old). We are going to a book reading at a bookstore in the city and we are very excited for our girls-only book date!

I felt bad when my friend invited us because I didn’t feel comfortable with excluding Josh but when I asked Joshua about it he was actually quite horrified at the prospect of spending a Saturday morning with two versions of his pesky little sister! We arranged for him to spend his Saturday morning in the company of boys instead with his dad and his best friend whom he has invited over for a play date.

That’s a wrap up of our week. Thank you for reading! I hope that you will also have a lovely weekend whatever you’re doing. God bless!