IMG_20160330_130003Despite my stern warnings which are usually met with little giggles, it seems that my daughter will not stop growing up! This past week we reached another milestone when Alex entered the world of play dates!

I’ve always thought that anything younger than the age of six was too little to have proper play dates but with an older brother there are regularly boys trooping through our home. So, after many tears at how unfair life is when her big brother had yet another play date, I finally relented and her dad and I agreed that our 5 year old daughter could have her own play dates.

She was so very excited when w said yes! Co-incidentally, she received a call (apparently 5 year old’s call each other now, it’s a thing) from her friend Emily the very next day and Emily was promptly invited over. It was both of their very first play dates so we arranged one at each of their homes.

Emily’s mom and I agreed to play it by ear and hang around on the play dates in case it didn’t go well but we really should not have bothered because both play dates were a smashing success!

Alex’s first time hosting a play date

When Emily arrived for her play date I couldn’t help laughing – this was a girl who packed for any eventuality! Her bag included stationery, snacks, Easter eggs and of course, a bunch of leaves from her garden.



Within minutes they were bathing all Alex’s ponies in a basin of water in nice bubbly water which had half my bottle of hand soap poured in. The ponies were then laid out in the sunshine to dry while they set out the paint and did some artwork. I tried to give them each their own supplies but they preferred to paint together on one page at a time!


They had a little tea party with hot cross buns and whatever they could find in the kitchen. After praying for their tea  they seemed to enjoy adding their own milk and sugar and I even taught them how to lift their little fingers while sipping tea!





When it was over her parents sent this photo of Emily passed out within 10 minutes of arriving home. I love the little foot hanging off the couch! I think it’s safe to say the play date was a success!


Alex’s first play date at her friend’s home

After a fun-filled first play date at Alex’s home, we arrived at Emily’s home a few days later for the second playdate and Alex’s first time visiting a friend. I loved that her mom also invited me to stay but the kids had a blast so it was not really necessary, just an excuse for us to hang out!

Alex also packed her own bag which included her children’s Bible and an assortment of stuffed teddies and books! When we arrived our gracious host gave us the red carpet treatment with her blankies marking the way to the front door. She also laid out quite an impressive decorative entryway at the front door complete with drums, a letter with her name written in her own hand, a blanket to walk over and some apples just in case we were arrived dead hungry!


Emily has two older siblings so Josh and Alex were both invited over and between the five of them they had hours of fun with absolutely no squabbles!

All in all a very successful first set of play dates. For 5 year old’s the girls have proven to be gracious hostesses and they sure do know how to entertain each other!

IMG_20160402_151452 IMG_20160402_151440

I must admit that it has made me a bit sad that my baby girl is growing up at such an alarmingly fast rate but I am seeing her joy and pride for reaching this milestone and being on par with her brother makes me happy too!