My top facebook groups | Anthea's Project Life

Do you love Facebook groups? I do! I love the sense of community in the groups especially when it relates to my hobbies. Some of the groups I belong to are my local community groups, business and blog related, parenting chat groups and then of course hobby related.

My top facebook groups | Anthea's Project Life

Meeting new friends is a bit tricky when you have kids and you’re also a bit of a loner. I’ve found whole communities where I get a sense of belonging just by a shared interest. Joining a group is a great way to make friends too! And they’re friends from all over the world!

In one of my hobby groups we’ve even created a separate group where we exchanged addresses and send postcards all around the world! It’s so exciting to receive and send actual snail mail again!

If a group not a right fit for you, you can simply leave. The part I like the most is that Facebook allows you to edit a group’s notification settings so you can choose the frequency of how they appear in your timeline.

Facebook groups add value

Besides being part of a community, it’s also a great way to market your skills and to network. I belong to some business and blogger groups which add so much value to my career. The people you meet in Facebook groups are more than helpful with advise, tips and generally just sharing about your business. It’s great encouragement if you are looking to start a side hustle!

No matter what your interests, there are are some really great Facebook groups out there! I’ve listed my top ten favorite groups for creative inspiration.

My 10 favorite Facebook groups

These are my go-too communities where I find business tips, encouragement and crafting ideas. The people are friendly just like in the old sitcom “Cheers”. They’re helpful and love to share their creative inspiration with others!

  • Mommy Mall Cape Town – a market place where anyone can shop from and support a local Mom-owned business
  • Hello Boss Creative – Ashley Knight’s business mastermind for creative female entrepreneurs (my favorite source of business inspiration and good advise!)
  • Addicted to knitting – to show your latest knitting projects to other knitters who appreciate the craft/skill
  • For the love of crochet – If you love crochet you’ll love this group! Lot’s of project inspiration and a whole community of men and women who share a love for crochet and yarn. My kind of people!
  • South African Bloggers Network – A community of South African bloggers who are so friendly and helpful, even with the newbies!
  • Monthly Money Saving Tips & Advice – South Africa – A South African group for anyone who would like to get money-saving tips and share any special offers they find.
  • Swop Cooking Ideas – A group to share photos and ideas on dishes you’ve cooked without a recipe for inspiration. 
  • Cape Town – The Most Beautiful City in the World – A group dedicated to the most beautiful city in the world – Cape Town where you can post photos of our sunsets, beaches, mountain and other beautiful scenery.
  • Second Hand Furniture Cape Town – Good for a bargain, this is a group to buy and sell second hand furniture. My most recent purchase here is was my dining room carpet which was almost brand new and bargained for 60% off!
  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – A 30 day blogging challenge hosted by Sarah and Kevin Arrow with daily email prompts and lessons. So glad to have found this group right at the beginning of my blogging career as the challenge has taught me everything I know about blogging!
  • The Dad Network Parent Bloggers – Although there are also mom bloggers here, it’s interesting to get the perspective of the dad bloggers!

Do you have any favorite Facebook groups?

The groups above are totally related to my interests and so might not all interest you. The beauty of it is that you can find a Facebook group for absolutely any kind of interest you have! It’s all out there and you just have to find the ones that suits you!

I’m updating my list all the time, do you have any favorite groups to add? Why not leave a comment below and share your favorite Facebook page/group?