Family Games Evening

Family Games EveningWe recently enjoyed an evening of fun at a Family Games Evening at our son’s school. What a wonderful evening it was and a good opportunity for us to enjoy spending time with each other and having some silly fun!

The Family Games Evening was held from 4pm – 7pm at Joshua’s primary school. We left home in good spirits at around 5pm, fooling around and taking races while we walked the few meters down the road to school. As soon as we arrived we collected our pre-ordered tickets for the rides/games and went in search of burgers, jaffles (toasted mince sandwiches) and pancakes.

First up – dinner!

Since it was already dinnertime, we first went to find a sunny spot on the sports field and ate our burgers and snacks sitting cross-legged on the open sports field with the breeze at our backs and the sun on our faces as it was setting.


I felt so blessed sitting in the middle of the sports field surrounded by all the other families, laughter and squeals of children.

IMG_0025 Jaffles

Tractor Rides

After supper we went in search of entertainment and of course the kids were drawn to the tractor like moths to a flame! The kids don’t actually sit on the tractor, they sit on a piece of tarp and pulled by the tractor. Unfortunately tractor rides are only for kids not adults but I did get some good photos of them screeching with laughter.

tractor1 tractor2 tractor3

Jumping Castles

Jumping Castle

Next we went to the other side of the field for the jumping castles. Last year Alex was not allowed on the big jumping castle and got very upset about that. But this year at the very mature age of four she was not accepting anything less than the big jumping castle.

When it was their turn to jump I was a bit anxious but she made it up the steep incline like a little monkey and held her own against the other bigger kids.

After the jumping castle the kids were very much looking forward to being pitted against each other for a pillow fight. But when it was their turn to fight the automated sprinklers started blasting everyone with water! Just as well as poor little Alex would have not lasted long on that plank against her brother. She would have ended up on the mattresses below the plank in under five seconds. Joshua relished the idea of beating up on his sister in a completely legal manner but fortunately her guardian angel was with her!


Instead of a pillow fight, they joined forces in a tug-of-war against some other kids. Ashley and I had a good laugh at Alex’s antics because even though she was “heave-hoeing” the loudest, she holding onto the rope in-between her big brother and another bigger boy so she was really just hanging on for dear life!


IMG_0076-1 IMG_0077

Indoor games

After the tug-of-war we headed inside the main hall to see what indoor games they had. One thing I noticed was that the school had managed to put together a nice selection of activities and games which hardly required any materials to put together. And the kids were having a blast!

The next game we played before taking a break for ice cream was played with a fishing rod with a ring attached to the string. The aim of the game was to use one arm only to get the ring around the bottle neck and yank the bottle over. First one who gets the bottle pulled over wins the cool drink. While Joshua was not so lucky in his turn, Alex was pitted against two boys her own age and WON the game!

fish1 fish2 fish3 fish4


It was a perfect summer night and a very enjoyable evening. I intend to plan many more game nights for the family this year even if it’s just at home with the four of us. It’s good to have silly fun with your family.

I’ve already bought a box of board games in anticipation of the next family games evening!