Christmas carols are a huge part of our holiday traditions worldwide. It’s comforting and heart-warming to know the same holidays songs are listened to all around the world during the holiday season! v

Because I love listening to Christmas carols so much, I generally take my cue on when it’s OK to play it from the shopping malls. We all know they start the holiday season unbelievably early to get the most out of shoppers. When I hear Christmas carols playing in the mall, I see it as a green light to play it at home!

My absolute all-time  favorite Christmas carol

O Holy Night

Every single year we love playing all our favorite holiday songs but this one always moves my heart to worship. When I listen to “Oh Holy Night“, I feel an immediate sense of reverence for Jesus Christ. It’s the one song guaranteed to make grown men weep. I’ve seen it!

The lyrics and the harmony helps me imagine what it was like on the night Jesus was born. It makes me think of how humble the circumstance of His birth were and what a joyous moment it must have been for those to whom the Lord chose to reveal the significance of what was happening.

“Fall on your knees, oh hear, the angels voices. Oh night divine. Oh night, when Christ was born.”

O Holy Night” gives me exactly the right words with which to worship the Lord with reverence at Christmas time. It makes me pause and stand in awe of God’s love, His goodness and His mercy. I love how this song fills me with joy because I truly appreciate the significance of Jesus entering our world, knowing that it was all for me.

By the end of the song I feel such joy! That Christ, the Treasure of heaven, left all the comforts of heaven to come down to meet us right where we are in our broken world, so He might die for us!

During all the hustle and bustle of the season I try to keep that joy in my heart. I try to remember all the time the deeper meaning of the season.

Christmas carol

What Christmas carol stirs your heart? Leave a comment below and share it with us!