kid-friendly podcast

kid-friendly podcastLet’s be honest…if you’ve ever met my son, you know that every time you see him you’re in for a lecture. Joshua is a very curious nine year old boy who is passionate about space, planes and natural science.

As Joshua’s mom, I admit that I’ve completely mastered the skill of looking fully engaged while having absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

{I feel like I can be candid here, as I’ve already admitted to being a crap parent.}

It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I enjoy living here on earth in body and mind. Joshua on other hand would wake up in the morning like:

I was just wondering…if a black hole’s gravity is so strong that it pulls in light…how would you be able to see that it’s a black hole?

Feed his brain

One day, after he’d been overheard giving one too many lectures to his friends, I was summoned to his school by his teacher and asked to please cut off his reading. She was very concerned that he had “the general knowledge span of a much older child” and really wanted to urge me to have him focus only on what was being taught at his current grade level curriculum.

Well, I was not prepared to do that. I don’t believe a person can “know too much”. Instead we moved next door to a lady named Yvette who loves to listen and engage him in talking about science. OK, that was not deliberate they just both happen to love science. Haha bonus!

What I have done though, was get him a membership at our local library. With his own library card he can borrow books on any subject that interests him. When we visit the library, Joshua makes a beeline for the technology and science section, pulls up a bean bag and he is in heaven. He usually leaves with a stack of books he has already read cover to cover. Books that interest him are anything about space, natural science like the weather, how planes are built and fly, engineering, etc.

It’s been a joy to see how learning to read has opened up his world so much more and fed his thirst for knowledge.

He also has his own collection of favorite educational TV shows. He loves to watch Bill Nye The Science Guy. He also shares a love of planes with his Pa who sends him updated episodes of Air Crash Investigation and documentaries about airlines, airports, jets, etc.

Discovering podcasts, thanks Deidre!

One day my friend suggested downloading some podcasts to listen to while I crotchet and do other stuff with my hands. I knew absolutely nothing about podcasts until two weeks ago so she literally had to guide me step by step. On her instruction, I downloaded an app called Stitcher onto my mobile device. I then browsed through the list of shows on every genre imaginable to find a few I thought might interest the kids or me. Mom stuff for me, story-telling stuff for Alex and sciency stuff for Josh.

Little did I know that Josh would discover a whole new world of information to feed his brain! Literally.

Brains on! A kid-friendly podcast

He discovered a show called Brains On! It’s kid-friendly podcast that is super interesting even I enjoy listening in! It’s perfectly suitable for a kid who loves to learn about science!


Every show features a question from a kid around the world which then gets answered by experts who are guests on the show. It’s an amazing concept featuring the type of general knowledge topics that Joshua loves to learn about.

Joshua’s top recommended Brain’s On! episodes:

  • Big universe, big questions
  • How do airplanes fly?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Bridges vs. Tunnels
  • Thunder, lightning and tornadoes: Where do they come from?
  • How do meteorologists predict the weather?
  • Allergy attack: How our bodies can overreact

We are really enjoying this whole new world of podcasts! It’s like back in the day when everyone listened to the radio as their only means of entertainment.

I keep fantasizing about evenings spent sitting around the speaker as a family and just chilling and listening. Like our ancestors from the pre-eighties. I guess that’s pushing it though! Podcasts are more for listening to when you’re busy with your hands but want entertainment. Or you’ve cut off screen time but you want to entertain the kids in a stimulating way.

They’d quietly listen to their favorite shows like Brains On! and Alex’s favorite show “Teara Tremendous” like good little children. Calmly and with the utmost concentration. When I peep in on them they are lying on the bed or coloring-in while listening.

After a really long school holiday of hours of gaming and screen time a podcast is a mother’s dream! I love to promote activities that are kid-friendly and I’d highly recommend you introduce your kids to podcasts (if you haven’t already). Since it’s not exactly a new thing just something newly discovered for me, you might already be onto it. If so, what does your family enjoy listening to?

Are there any parenting or kid-friendly podcasts you would recommend? Please share your favorite shows in the comments below.