This Favorite things gift idea just elevated me to best sister ever status! When we celebrated my sister’s 25th birthday I was stumped on what to get her. She needed a very special gift because in our family we jokingly refer to her as “The Princess” and this was to be her “jubilee” celebration.

Also because last year I totally sucked on her birthday. I’d just had dental surgery and was in no mood to celebrate. I only ended up putting her belated birthday gift under the Christmas tree in December! She has never let me forget it!

Special occasions are big around here

As with most things in my life, I blame my need to be a bit “extra” on my mom. From a young age my mom has made complete events out of everything. She goes completely overboard especially on birthdays.

She still wakes us up in the cold pre-dawn hours with singing and balloons. Even though you’re half asleep, you’re wished a happy birthday and expected to open gifts and blow out your candles. All the while she is merrily snapping away with the camera.

As Murphy’s Law goes, my mom and I are both married to husbands who would enjoy nothing more than to forget they ever had a day of birth. As in my Mom’s case, there was some resistance in the early part of my marriage but not anymore. Ashley and the kids quickly learnt that resistance is futile. Their birthdays are now mine to do with as I please. They pretty much let us do whatever we want and enjoy the fuss albeit secretly.

Why only give one gift when you can give all the things?

My sister and I are very close. She was born when I was 11 years old. She used to follow me around everywhere and growing up we’ve always had a very close relationship. We’ve never even ever had a fight.

So knowing exactly what she likes (which is the same stuff that I like) I simply made a list of all MY favorite things. I then customized it include things she also likes.

Eventually, I had a list of 25 of our favorite things in a box! I wrapped each gift individually and numbered them from 1 to 25. She had the best time opening her gifts over our lunch together and I had the best time watching her enjoy it so much. I was living the moment with her.

This gift idea is truly the best because you can tailor it to suit ANY person and celebration! When I posted pics online the response was great! Others started brainstorming how they can use this for special celebrations in their lives.

One friend is making a box for her husband to give on their upcoming wedding anniversary. Another friend is making a box for her boyfriend’s upcoming 30th birthday celebration. All of these are sure to be a hit!

So go ahead and make your own box of favorite things for someone special! You can put anything in your box. It does not have to cost a fortune and it’s fun collecting the items.

For my sister’s gifts I included hair accessories, socks, mugs, edible snacks, handmade cards from my kids. I even popped in a crochet slouchy hat made especially for her!

Favorite Things Gift Ideas Free Download

If you’re stumped for gifts, I’ve made it super easy for you! I’ve put together a list of  favorite things my sister and I both enjoy that you can download for free! Use it as a guide to see how truly easy it is to come up with ideas of your own.

Gift Ideas preview

Grab it here: Favorite Things Gift Ideas for Her

So, how can you use this idea? Got any special birthdays coming up? I’d love to hear so drop a comment below and share this around!