Five for Friday

Smart Shade Butter Kiss™ LipstickI don’t always often blog about my daily life but a “Five for Friday” is a great opportunity for us to catch up! This is what’s been happening in my world this week.

Grab a cup of tea and have a read!

Five for Friday – What’s been happening this week

1. My super scary experience

Most people took leave on Monday as Tuesday was a public holiday. With the office being empty and most of our meetings cancelled it felt a bit quiet and strange at work. especially since my family was enjoying a holiday at home while I was the only one working. While we were at work, one of my colleagues had an epileptic attack right in-front of me. I had no idea that he had epilepsy so it took my brain a few seconds to register what was happening before I sprang into action. It was S.C.A.R.Y.

If you are ever in the same position and you don’t know what to do, just lay the person down as best you can. Put something underneath their head and make sure they don’t hurt themselves. They will be completely disoriented after so just let them rest and remain calm (that goes for you too!).

2. A surprise visit on Women’s Day

After my traumatic experience, I spent most of my day on Women’s Day just lying low. I watched movies in bed while knitting. I was really happy for the peace and quiet.

During the late afternoon, I got a surprise visit first from my mom then from my two aunts and grandmother. They brought cake, chocolates and sweets and we spent a wonderful evening together. Being surrounded by women who love me, especially my grandmother, is like a balm to my soul. I was back in my happy place by the time they left!

My grandmother and I

3. Upcoming visit Two Oceans Aquarium

I was notified of a gift and free tickets waiting for me at the Two Oceans Aquarium. We were asked to visit this weekend to go and see all the new changes since they’ve revamped. My children and I have always loved the Two Oceans Aquarium and we are super excited to see what they’ve changed. We are especially excited to see the new jelly exhibit!

4. Ladies tea party planning

We’re up to our eyeballs with the preparations for our upcoming annual ladies tea party happening in September. We’re so very blessed that people are willing to sponsor so many wonderful prizes and goody bags every year. We support the “Cupcakes for Cancer” charity through this event.

I am one of the host moms for the second year so I’m busy pinning ideas for my table decor and having fun making up all the goody bags for the ladies at my table.

[pin_board url=”” size=”custom” image_width=”100″ board_width=”800″ board_height=”400″]

We really are blessed as this year. We are using a much bigger venue to make it three times bigger than last year. When ticket sales opened this week they were all sold out within one day!  Our ladies tea is already a phenomenal success and we can credit that to the Lord for blessing the event as we had asked.

Alexandra is also enjoying attending evening meetings with me. She is so proud when I get involved in any school event and loves to help me.

5. A busy week of blogging

I’ve been blogging like crazy this week. I’ve just completed the first leg of the 30 day Blogging Challenging by Sarke Media. The helpful tips from the challenge have been valuable in improving my writing and blog!

The best part of blogging is engaging with readers. If you are on my blog please do leave me a comment below the posts. I love to read your comments! They motivate me to write more blog posts.

If you’d like to catch-up on this week’s round of blog posts then make a cup of tea and read through a roundup of posts from this past week.

That’s it from me! I’m off to enjoy a nice quiet and hopefully rainy weekend.

What will you be up to? Feel free to also linkup your own Five for Friday in the comments below.