home-alone-logoWith two young children, we watch a LOT of family movies. Most Friday nights, you’ll find us enjoying a nice family movie in-front of the TV.

On Friday family movie nights, we usually make popcorn in the pot (with the kernels) and have homemade build-your-own burgers.

You can start the dinner and movie a bit earlier and still get them to bed at their usual bedtime.

Family movie night is a nice way to relax after a long week and to spend time together.

Our top list of favorite family movies

1. Home Alone

Home AloneWe can’t get enough of Home Alone. Our eldest always gets really sad at the beginning of the first movie. He doesn’t like that everyone is being so mean to Kevin, the main character. Joshua feels sad that the parents are not paying attention to the fact that Kevin feels neglected and is being ostracized his family.

The fact that he is left in a big house by himself for days on end makes Joshua shudder but these negative thoughts are quickly overcome by all the cool stunts he does. He ends up successfully defending his home from the bad guys who are trying to break into the house. We love that there are sequels too!

2. Night at the museum

NightattheMuseum1These movies are highly entertaining for kids and won’t leave the adults bored either! In the movie, the dad gets employed as the night caretaker of the New York museum. He quickly discovers that a magic Egyptian relic makes all the animals and figures in the museum come alive at night.

Night at the museum movies are hilarious and we enjoyed every one of them! The box set is a worthwhile investment as I’m sure it will be watched many times over.

3. Harry Potter

Harry-PotterI’m adding the Harry Potter movies to this list very reluctantly. It took me a very long time (until only recently) to allow my children to watch Harry Potter even though their dad is a huge fan. He couldn’t wait to introduce them to the Harry Potter so I finally relented this year.

I always thought the movies were too dark for them but I guess I can now see the appeal as my children were very entertained. The main characters are also all their age which made the Harry Potter movies and the adventures at Hogwarts very relate-able for them.

4. The Karate Kid

The Karate KidThe Karate Kid movies is a must see for all children. If you want to introduce them to an interesting movie that is entertaining and teaches them sound value, look no further! In order to beat his rivals, The Karate Kid embarks on a hard core training regime to become the best fighter and to defend himself/herself.

These movies will teach your kids how hard work and determination will help the to overcome tough challenges in life. Showing them this great example of how perseverance pays off will help them relate it to their school work and other areas in their lives that they might be struggling in. It’s a great conversation starter.

5. Honey I shrunk the kids

Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids-v2-345x600Do you remember these movies? Truthfully, my kids have not seen this yet. I only remembered this movie now while compiling this list. I’ll be working on tracking this down for the next movie night!

You will notice that most of our top 5 favorite family movies are movies with sequels. This list alone should provide a few weeks worth of family movie night entertainment. Family movies don’t necessarily have to be animated movies.

We do enjoy animated movies too but there are only so many times one can watch Frozen and Finding Nemo!

Besides, new kids release movies are so advanced these days that they seem to appeal more to the grown ups than the children. I suspect a lot of the humor is just lost on my children. With so many classics to enjoy, it’s nice to re-watch family movies that were made to appeal to children’s innocence and basic level of humor.

Can you recommend any good family-friendly movies that you’ve enjoyed? Please leave a comment below with your suggestions.