Flight & Feathers Art Exhibit

dsc_0323It’s the plight of every working parent to balance work and home life. Although we don’t get to stay home, we want to know what’s happening at school and to be involved. As a working mom, I often feel guilty for missing so much of my children’s school lives.

That’s why I was thrilled to receive an invitation to an art exhibition hosted by our school! I was excited that the parents were invited to see the artwork their children had produced throughout the year! I love attending all sorts of events but the best kind of all are when they involve my children show casing something they have achieved or worked hard at!

The art exhibition was held over three days every evening which made it accessible for all parents. I thought this was incredibly considerate of the staff who were willing to keep the doors open so late after their school day.


Flight & Feathers Art Exhibition

The theme of the art exhibition was “Flights and Feathers“. Every student’s interpretation of the themes were completely unique.


dsc_0292Joshua’s art

Josh has always loved drawing. His drawings are very detailed. He had three pieces of his own art featured at the exhibition. I couldn’t help feeling immensely proud to see his beautiful art on display. I’m sure every other parent felt the same!

This is an illustration of a plane Josh made in art class

Josh painted this with metallic paints on black board





The exhibition consisted of art in the form of paintings, sketches, models and constructions made of recycled materials. Some were even battery powered which was quite impressive give that these were primary school aged kids!

There were models of planes built from recycled materials, paintings of various kinds of birds, illustrations of the sky, battery operated metal works of windmills, etc and so many more creative work.

The school did an amazing job of showcasing all the students hard work. It was such a pleasure to be given the opportunity to have a look at the work our children had produced.

As a parent it was amazing to see the result of children being guided to use their imaginations and have fun with nothing but their hands and minds!

If you get the opportunity to get involved and to view your child’s work at school please do! I could see that it meant so much for Josh to see how how proud I was and what a fuss I made of his work. It motivates our children to keep working hard because they know that we care about what they are doing!