Flying with children

Flying with children: Tips to help you prepare

Flying with children can be a daunting experience for any parent. If you’re planning any flights to Cape Town or any other destination in the near future, we have the best tips to make sure you are prepared for flying with children! 

Our most thrilling and memorable family adventure was when we visited our parents and brother in Tasmania, Australia. It was so exciting to be able to spend the holidays with them and even more so because it was also Ashley and the kids first time flying!

We were two parents flying with children and we had to work as a team.

Ashley handled documentation and making all our connecting flights. I made sure everyone was calm and comfortable while on-board the plane especially when it shook a little (the big one was a handful).

If you are alone and flying with children, I take my hat off to you! It’s more challenging but not impossible if you are well prepared!

Flying can be a fun experience with children if you’re prepared

I’ll never forget how fun it was to watch their faces when they saw our big plane for the first time. They were wide-eyed with delight!

To make sure your experience flying with your children is a good one, here are some tips to help you prepare for your next trip:

10 Tips for flying with children

Flying with children

5 Tips for for long-haul international flights with your children

1. Wear layers

Spending long hours on a flight means you will want to sleep or nap. Make sure you and the kids are all dressed comfortably. Wearing layers is best for easily removing or adding extra warmth as needed while flying. Although not cold, children will want to feel cozy while napping!

2. Stretch your legs

It’s not natural for kids (or husbands) to sit still for a very long time with limited leg-room. I found it helpful to take the kids for a walk up and down the cabin or to the bathroom every hour or so just to stretch their legs and give them a feel for how long the plane is.

3. Pack extra clothes

Include things like two extra changes of clothing for the kids in case they mess while eating or drinking. Hair ties and a brush for your daughters.

4. Pack extra underwear in your carry-on

Don’t make the mistake I did and assume the clothes you are wearing for the flight is enough for the whole trip. After many hours on a plane, you’ll all want to freshen up with clean underwear, including the children! You might also want to pack a toothbrush and wet wipes.

5. Keep your spouse calm

If you’re travelling with a husband or spouse who is prone to anxiety, please give them a mild sedative. I promise you will be glad you did!

Ashley was convinced he was in danger of being stranded at an international airport or that we’d all get lost and miss our connecting flights. We had to sleep on the floor in-front of locked gates. That’s how anxious he was! My dreams of checking out all the duty-free goods were as hopeless as the South African Rand to the Australian Dollar!

Even our bathroom breaks were timed! On the other hand, the kids and I were living our best lives! We talked to, looked at and touched everything so his was a solo mission trying to herd us all along through every airport!

He was a nervous wreck until we reached our destination safely by the grace of God and Ashley’s stern Daddy voice.

Hopefully this has been helpful in planning for your next holiday. Book your Cheap Flights From Johannesburg To Cape Town and come visit our fair city!

What was the one thing you wish you had thought of while flying with your kids? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Our kids were mesmerised at all the games and movies on the flight so our flight to Sydney then straight on to Auckland was a breeze. I can’t image travelling with little ones though.

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