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The Perfect Winter Jacket

This jacket has seen me sizzling through the cold Winter temperatures for the last few weeks! The brown pleather jacket with fur collar is exclusive to Exact in their amazing Winter 2016 collection that you can find in stores now and on the Exact website.

Online experience at Exact

As a web developer, I am all about website usability and functionality. I love visiting the Exact website because it’s so easy to navigate and find the clothes that you’re looking for!

exact website

The search filters and nicely laid out categories makes it super simple for me to browse. The next step would be to offer the option of online shopping but until then the website is kept up to date with all the latest items offered in store so you can have a good browse.

With kids in tow I can’t afford to spend any more time than necessary in the shops so it benefits me to browse their website and then go into the store knowing exactly what I’m after!

More about my foxy jacket


This brown pleather jacket makes me feel “foxy” which is sometimes hard to achieve in the middle of Winter! My favorite feature about this jacket is that the fur collar is completely detachable with the use of cleverly concealed  little buttons on the inside of the collar. With this feature you are getting two styles out of one jacket which makes it very versatile.

Speaking of versatile, it’s so easy to dress it up or down. You can literally wear it with anything. I often just wear it without the collar and unzipped at the office except when I’m out.


I find that with it zipped up it blocks out the cold and wind really well due to the texture of the pleather. This is a great buy for a Cape Town Winter!




Exact brown pleather jacket



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Do you have a favorite clothing item this Winter season? Share your comments below!