The first sleepover

The first sleepoverI am so happy that Friday has arrived! Nothing beats that feeling of ending a long week and looking forward to two full two days of doing only that which makes you happy!

This past week has been incredible in terms of new business opportunities! I’ve been doing loads of networking and research and started a few very exciting ventures. I’m so excited at what is still to come in 2015.

I feel as though I’ve been in a slump lately and am now working super hard and passionately pursuing my dreams of being successful in my family life, my business and my blog. This passion is only fueled by the encouragement from readers, the lessons I am learning from other bloggers and the blessings that have come my way lately. There were times this past week when I ended a phone call with a client or walked out of a meeting and thought: “Wow God, I’m so humbled I don’t deserve Your goodness but THANK YOU!”.

One not so great thing that happened this week was Joshua getting sick and missing two days of school. After feeling wretched all of last weekend, he was quite sick by Monday and stayed in bed for the following two days. On Thursday he was fully recovered and back at school. In case you are wondering at the speedy recovery, he had big plans for Friday and could not afford to let a cold ruin it!

Joshua’s first sleepover

A few weeks ago we hosted Joshua’s buddy, Shaquille, over for their first ever sleepover and the kids had so much fun. This week Joshua was invited to sleep over at their house.

My son. Sleeping outside his home. For the first time since he used to sleep at his grandparents when he was a toddler!

I am surprisingly not a basket case right now. I think it’s because of the many play dates the boys have had over the past year. One week at our place and the next at their place. Because Shaquille is such a lovely and polite boy we know that his parents are good people and his mom, Caroline, and I have gotten to know each other very well and that definitely made me feel comfortable with handing over the care of my son for one night.

I will admit (only to you three) that she is feeding me information on the sly. Just a little text message or picture every now and then. Josh will never know. So apparently they’ve just been to the video store to choose their movies for the evening and they are now having a braai (that’s a barbeque) with the parents. It looks and sounds like my boy is having a wonderful time away from home. Here are some of the photos that I will never admit to having been sent….

Shaquille doing a chicken dance?

Shaquille demonstrating some awesome dance moves

Best Buddies!

Let’s stay up all night!

Yummy toasted marshmellows

Yummy toasted marshmallows

Yummy toasted marshmellows Yummy toasted marshmellows

Watching Transformers

Watching Transformers and eating dinner

This was the last picture I received taken at bedtime. They look very happy and are clearly enjoying their sleep over. Interesting to note that Joshua managed to sneak out both his toy zebras (Zou and Zebbie). He never sleeps without them and it’s nice to see my little boy is not yet too big for his comfort toys!

Bed time!

Bed time!

Meanwhile back on the farm…

In case you are wondering how little sister is doing, she was a bit teary when the boys drove off although she did manage to wave and blow a kiss for her brother. She said that she was only crying because it was a “boys only sleepover and not a boys and girls sleepover”. My promises of the movie Frozen, popcorn and nail polish seemed to change her attitude and had her smiling again within minutes. To sweeten the deal, we proposed that she sleep in her brothers loft bed where she is normally not allowed for safety reasons. She was thrilled!


At the time of writing this post, Alexandra is sleeping bare-chested (like a boy) and snugly ensconced in her brother’s bed. She thoroughly enjoyed an evening of being an only child and when we said goodnight she pulled us in for a big triple hug and whispered that she’d found the secret hiding place of her brother’s torch. Happiness!


I’m looking forward to knitting, reading, catching up on my favorite magazines, blogging, baking, making hair bows and knitting! Of course I won’t be doing ALL of that (that’s just crazy) but I will have the time to do ANY of these activities that make me happy. Enjoy!