Box of Sunshine

Give a “Box of Sunshine” to Brighten Someone’s Day!

Box of SunshineA “Box of Sunshine” is a really fun and creative gift to make for someone special in your life who might be feeling a bit blue or going through a rough time. This is a fun and lovingly put together gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face!

A kid-friendly activity

The idea came about when I happened to mention to the children that their Aunty Stephanie was having a really tough week. Since we had a date with her the very next day, they asked if they could buy her some flowers to make her feel better. I then remembered seeing this idea on Pinterest and suggested that we give her a box of sunshine (happiness) instead.

The idea is to fill a box with ANY items in the colour yellow.

One thing I loved about this project is that you can fill your box with absolutely anything in the colour yellow. You can make DIY crafts, buy a few yellow products or use what you have at home.

Unfortunately, we were a bit challenged to find “Banting-friendly” yellow items as we wanted to respect her diet and make sure she could actually use her gifts! After putting some thought into it we did come up with a nice variety of healthy bought items and some DIY crafts we made ourselves.

The items in our “Box of Sunshine”:

  • Lemons
  • Lemon & Honey flavored Rooibos tea
  • A silver notebook that I covered with yellow washi tape. I also sewed a bright sunny button to the cover.
  • A slab of dark chocolate in orange wrapping (Banting-approved)
  • A naughty treat – one handmade toffee slab covered in pretty gold and white striped paper (I can never resist the pretty packaging!)
  • A smiley face pin

I got to work with wrapping an empty shoebox with some brightly coloured yellow paper. I decorated the lid of the box with some printed labels I already had  which read “Hello Sunshine” and a bit of gold ribbon (leftover Christmas wrapping). We wrote “Aunty Stephanie You are Loved” on the lid.

Box of Sunshine

With the outside of the box completed, Alex and I tried very unsuccessfully to fit all our items inside the box. It was a bit tricky trying to squeeze it all in since we only had a very small shoebox available, but Joshua said “leave it to me” and he fitted every item in the box like pieces in a puzzle!

As a final touch, Alex and Josh spent the rest of the afternoon making some hand-drawn cards and writings on bright yellow card stock paper while I wrote out a few encouraging scriptures on yellow notepaper. We added the cards to the box and wrapped everything in gold ribbon and we were done!

The Result

I’m so proud of the kids for keeping our little secret until our lunch date the next day. While being seated and deciding on our orders at the sushi place, Alex kept whispering “Is it time yet?” (the box was wrapped in a scarf and stashed at the bottom of my handbag).

Finally it was time for Joshua and Alex to present their gift to Aunty Stephanie!

WOW! SHE WAS SO HAPPY! Her reaction made every effort seem so worthwhile. The joy really is in the giving because as you can see she really loved her surprise!

IMG_0052 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0061

Stephanie wore her smiley face pin on her top to her Aunt’s funeral the next day. She said it made her smile just to look at it while she was feeling sad.

Our box of sunshine in no way took her troubles away or made her forget them but it served it’s purpose as a reminder of how much we love her and it helped her to smile while in the midst of it all!

Box of SunshineBox of SunshineBox of Sunshine



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  1. pamela says:

    aaaaah that is so incredible. I’m all teary eyed and mushy hearted reading this and seeing the look on Aunty Stephanie’s face. The blessing in this gift is that it radiates sunshine to everyone reading it not only to the recipient. It feels like this sunshine box, once opened just shines on everyone and the look of pride and accomplishment on Joshua and Alex’s face is a joy to behold. Keep touching our lives my precious grandchildren…………………………

    1. Anthea says:

      🙂 Happiness…

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