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Every Monday I go into the new week with the church message (or my daily devotion) still fresh on my mind and then BAM, life happens!

With work pressure, bad news everywhere you look and getting emotionally drained by other humans I get stressed out and it’s as if my quiet time never happened.

If I seem to generally be cheerful and optimistic, my secret weapon is learning God’s promises and leaning on them when I feel stressed.

The bible does not promise us a stress-free life but it is a treasure trove full of promises that God made to us on how to live out our lives with the confidence that a Mighty God is with us every step of the way!

Here are four of God’s promises that get me through the week.

God’s promises for you this week

Proverbs 8:14

I have counsel and sound knowledge, I have understanding, I have might and power.

Promise #1:  You can go to Him anytime for advise

Proverbs 8:14 “I have counsel and sound knowledge…”

As a grown-up, I often envy my kids that they have us to come to for advise. I often think how great that is to just have that someone to listen and give sound wisdom.

God says that He is that person for us!

Since I started reading my bible more and talking to God about specific things in my personal life, I’ve seen so many changes in my life. His Word even gives me guidance in my everyday stuff. In fact, I started my blog because He told me to!

Before my blog, I had no aspirations to be a writer or even knew what a blog was. One day I was praying and asking God for a personal project because it seemed like everyone else was doing something exciting and meaningful while I had no purpose. That’s when got inspiration to create my blog and I now have a purpose to be an encourager and live purposefully and I get to write about that for others! The rest is what I’m living out now! The Lord has very creative ideas and when I ask Him for advise, He leads me to into exciting adventures I had never thought of myself!

Promise #2: He knows you and He totally understands what you’re going through

Proverbs 8:14  “…I have understanding”

I recently attended a ladies breakfast that included a workshop on Parents and Educational Training. When I heard the topic of the workshop, I rolled my eyes a little bit. How could I possibly learn anything when I was on the front-line of parenting myself? Well I did! The talk was enlightening and insightful and taught me so much about about communicating more effectively with my kids. It’s actually changed the way I parent a little bit!

One of the main principals taught was to empathize with my kids. As a parent, I already know how Alex and Josh will react to a situation because I know them so well. So when they talk to me about the things they deal with I am able to empathize and I completely understand where they are coming from and I’m able to react accordingly.

One of God’s promises is that He already knows what you’re going through before you even say it. He misses nothing. You don’t have to explain things to Him because He already knows and he understands. He’s not judging because He knows everything about you, your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your hurts and what makes you happy. He still loves you and wants to hear all of it!

Promise #3: You have a mighty God behind you

Proverbs 8:14  “…I have might”

Might: great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural force.

On our last mommy and son date, Josh and I were eating pizza and he started chatting about one of his favorite bible stories. It’s actually quite a gruesome story but well, he is a boy and he is thrilled by God’s dramatic display of His might in the story about Elijah on Mount Carmel in 1 King 18. At the end of the story God shows an awesome display of His might with fire raining down from heaven and a huge rain storm to drench a drought-stricken land.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed, God reminds me of who He is. The same mighty God of the bible is the One who sent His Son for pay the price for my sins. And He loves you and me!

Promise #4: God has the power to intervene on your behalf

Proverbs 8:14  “…I have might and power”

Power: the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

Don’t be afraid to ask God for help. Just like in a marriage, it’s the little things that mean the world. I’ve heard of but never seen God turning water into wine or feeding 5000 people with a handful of food. However, I have seen Him completely change my marriage and do a countless number of amazing things in my everyday life. He’s come through for me and influenced so many situations that I’ve prayed about and every time it makes me love and trust Him more.

Don’t be afraid to pray for the little things.

God's Promises: Proverbs 8:14

As you think about this verse and apply it to your own stress this week, may the Lord work in your heart to give you hope. May he remind you that He is right there where you are. He is working in ways that you cannot see.

Bless you for being here and delving into this Scripture with me! If you have a friend who needs a reminder of God’s promises today then please share the post! And if you want to say hi – leave a comment below!