If you’re looking for a fabulous hair style for Summer that requires very little effort, I may have found the perfect solution! I’ve been mixing it up with hair extensions lately and the results have been super cute hair styles that require such little effort!

With Summer just around the corner, I’ve been dreading heat styling my hair. Before you say, “why don’t you just go natural?”, I hear you and I would but the humidity causes my hair to frizz. And nobody likes walking around looking like Bozo the Clown!

Frizzy hair is just one thing on my long list of reasons why I don’t like Summer. My list also includes the unbearable heat, sweat and that it’s open season for bugs. Blegh!

Since I don’t want to be stuck under a dryer, have frizzy hair or pay a fortune for an expensive hair treatment, I brainstormed other ways to stay fabulous and look styled even in the blistering heat. That’s when I discovered a brand called Lengzee and have been going completely crazy over hair extensions as a solution to this frizzy haired girl dilemma!

Lengzee Hair Extensions, Hair Pieces and Wigs

Lengzee is an exclusive brand of high quality wigs, hairpieces and clip-in hair extensions for women.It’s a mom-owned business that belongs to Dirlize Van Dijk. Dirlize and I served together on our school’s events committee.

I was so pleased when she helped me choose a hair piece that I now can’t live without! She is exceptionally helpful when you shop her store and very happy to assist you with picking out a style that works for you.

Lengzee - Perfectly You

Apparently adding extra length and volume to your hair is the new normal.  I have clearly missed the memo! I think I always believed it would be very expensive or would look fake.

A quick browse through the Lengzee collection made me see how wrong that assumption was. I now want to buy ALL the things! You can match the style and color to your hair exactly and most importantly, it won’t break the bank. I can actually afford to buy a few different styles for Summer which says a lot because the freelance life! It’s definitely cheaper than what I would pay for a hair straightening treatment!

The Fun Bun

Deciding on my first hair piece was a tough choice. I really liked the Foxy but then I settled on a hair piece called the Fun Bun.

I’ve always wanted a messy bun but lack the volume and length to pull it off! The Fun Bun is perfect for creating a perfect messy bun (excuse the pun). For such a huge time-saver and instant glam-hair style it’s so affordable at only R150!

A lower messy bun

The Fun Bun feels incredible soft and silky and the shine and texture matches my hair when it is blow dried exactly. It really does look and feel like an extension of my natural hair so I’m super happy with it!

The Fun Bun by Lengzee

How to wear the Fun Bun

Why I love this particular hair piece is that it requires absolutely no styling of your own hair other than tying it back into a half-ponytail. Whether you wear it on top of your head or at the nape of your neck it looks very glamorous and it looks like it took a lot of time to style your hair!

So this Summer, get on trend and wear hair extensions! It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with different hair styles. I’ve had the same layered hair style since college so I’m totally preaching to myself!

You can shop the Fun Bun and tons of other hair pieces and extensions at Lengzee.

Now it’s your turn

Have you ever worn hair extensions, a wig or hair pieces for everyday wear? Drop a comment below and I might just be gifting one lucky reader with a Fun Bun! Don’t forget to share this post with your girlfriends who might like to try something different with their hair!