In Summertime, showing off a fabulous manicure or pedicure means making hand and foot care a part of your beauty regime.

In my quest to take better care of myself, I’ve tested these two hand and foot care skin care products by Dermactin-TS and they’ve quickly become my favorites for hands and feet!

Demactin-TS Intensive Skin Care – Concentrated Total Foot Care Foot Cream

I walk a lot during the day and my feet are sore and tired and by the end of the day. The hot weather also leave my skin feeling dry especially around my heels .

I started using The Total Foot Care Foot Cream a few months ago and it’s made such a difference to my feet!

It completely moisturizes and rejuvenates my feet and leaves me feeling amazing! My definition of bliss is when Ashley gives me a foot rub using this cream. It is simply indescribable and exactly what every working mom needs.

The Total Foot Care Foot Cream is an intense moisturizing treatment formulated to improve even the driest skin on the top of the foot and heel. It eliminates calluses and heals dry, cracked skin, leaving feet feeling softer.

Once that cool thick cream touches your feet I doubt you’ll ever use another foot cream again!

Dermactin-TS Restorative Hand Treatment

I’ve become very hand-obsessed lately. Probably because I’ve been doing more regular manicures so I’m always looking at my hands. My hands are one of my best features and I’d like to keep them looking beautiful.

This is not like a regular hand cream. It’s an ultra concentrated hand formula that claims to “revitalize skin texture and visibly reduce the signs of aging“.

Since I started testing this product I have noticed that my skin at the top of my hands a visibly less translucent so my veins are not as prominent. After years of classical piano training this was my biggest problem with my hands. It also really absorbs into the skin leaving my hands feeling moisturized.

So there you go, these are my top favorite hand and foot care products. I wanted to share because I have benefited from using them both!

Both products are available at Dischem.

Do you have a skin care recommendation or tip for hands and feet? Feel free to pop a comment below.