6th Birthday

We are celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday! Just like every parent who’s ever lived we are wondering where on earth the time went? What  happened to that cute little baby girl with no hair except for the little wisp of a curl behind each ear?


Alexandra is the best daughter a mother could ever ask for. She is equally great at being a little sister, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend! We are incredibly blessed to have such a healthy and happy child. We don’t take her for granted at all and delight in her everyday.

Life at six

Six is quite a big milestone! Alex is currently completing her final year of preschool. She has been preparing herself all year for the big move to “big school” in 2017.


First pair of lace sneakers

She is officially out of her toddler years now too. She is the proud owner of what she refers to as her “laces” (her first pair of sneakers with laces).

She just surprised us this morning with her new skill of tying laces and we were very proud! She taught herself by watching the one friend in class who has already mastered the skill.

Having a big brother has given her the advantage of being exposed to letters from an early age. Alex can write all her family members names and is pretty much self-taught with the rest of the alphabet too. She asked us to read a word out loud and then she practices the letters in her own handwriting. She memorizes everything she learns and so her vocabulary is expanding every week.

She also loves to draw pictures. She leaves me little notes in my reading books with drawings of hearts or the two of us. She also loves to draw pictures of her family. Sometimes we are a family of cats, ponies or unicorns. Sometimes we are even ninjas.

Her favorite things in the whole world are unicorns, cats and ponies. She loves animals! I’ve suggested becoming a vet as a career choice but she is determined to pursue a career as a rock musician. She loves to pretend play with her electric plastic guitars of which she has a few.

Her best friends of a few years are Emily and Zarah. The three friends have been accepted to the same school next year and are looking forward to attending big school together next year.


She has always been a Daddy’s girl and I’m sure that will never change. However, as she gets older she enjoys spending time with me doing girly things more and more. I am not complaining! I’ve been waiting for some attention from her for six years!

Sometimes Alex gets sassy and we have to try very hard to keep a straight face and correct her behavior. Secretly though, we would relive those moments and have a good chuckle!

What year six will hold

Big school next year will be a tough one for me to handle as she is my baby. I am already feeling very tender whenever we speak about it or try on her school uniform, or rather her “school costume” as she says.

I know I don’t have to worry about her though. She is such a gentle child but she does not get bullied. Our girl is made of very strong stuff and knows how to fend for herself. In all her years of preschool I’ve often seen her put a bully down. She is very direct and says “Please don’t do that again, I don’t like it!”

Alex has no qualms about returning a punch or a swift kick in the shin. Since she was a little toddler I’ve heard him tell her that it’s wrong to start a fight but to push back if picked on. As much as I abhor such unladylike behavior, I know that her Dad has taught her that she must defend herself against bullies.

My sentiments on your 6th birthday

You’ll start school soon.  You’re ready for that adventure.  It will be hard for me though.  I am your mom and I want you to grow and learn but it is terrifying at the same time.

You will be meeting new friends and I’m sure that you are very excited about your next venture. I also know that kids can be mean. I know school can be hard.  It makes my heart hurt to know that from here on out I can’t protect your feelings as much. I will have to let you endure those moments.  It’s a part of life.

I know however that you will be fine. You have such a good heart. You love a lot and you are kind. I will pray for you everyday and trust that God will surround you with teachers and friends who treat you kindly. I’ve done this with your brother every year since he first started at big school and I will do the same for you.

Also know that your big brother will never be very far away from you. You can always look for him.


You don’t know this but every night while you are sleeping we sneak back into your room. We like to pretend that we’re checking to make sure that you are tucked in. Not sleeping halfway off the bed and on lying on top of the covers at the foot of your bed as you are prone to do!

The real reason we check on you though, is that we both enjoy those quiet moments staring at your sweet face and wondering how we got so lucky. As tough as he is, your dad has a very soft spot for you, his baby girl and he is usually the last one to kiss you goodnight while you are sleeping.

Alex, Mommy and Daddy love you very much. Our love for you is limitless and grows stronger each day.  You are a blessing to us now and forever.  As you grow, I hope you’ll know just how honored we are to be your parents.