Palladio Under-Eyes Disguise

If you’re feeding a baby around the clock or you’re a working mom then you probably know the struggles of having tired mom eyes. These babies of ours are such a joy but bless them, they really rob you of your beauty sleep! I’ve been using Palladio Under Eyes Disguise high coverage concealer  since I gave birth to help disguise my fatigue as a new mom.

Disguising tired mom eyes

Normally my foundation gives me enough coverage without first concealing. My postpartum skin however is clearly showing the world that I get roughly 4-6 fragmented hours of sleep per night.

Tired mom eyes are a cry for help. Since I wasn’t getting offered copious amounts of chocolate, can’t drink coffee or afford a night nurse, I started using concealer to disguise my fatigue.


First impressions

Palladio is a cruelty-free, drugstore cosmetics brand that I’ve been using for quite a while. Palladio cosmetics is suitable for women with all types of skin. It’s line of color cosmetics are saturated with antioxidant vitamins like A, C, D & E; and powerful botanicals like anti-inflammatory green tea, soothing aloe and energizing ginseng.

I’ve been crushing on all their colour makeup for eyes and lips. I own a few Palladio lipsticks and I absolutely love them for their rich colour and highly moisturizing formula. I have a few but I wish I had all the shades!

It was no stretch to want to try the Palladio Under Eyes Disguise concealer too. I had high hopes!

Palladio Under-Eyes Disguise Review

The Packaging

As far as the packaging goes, it comes in a small squeezable tube which fits perfectly in my on-the-go makeup bag. The tube might be little but I’ve been using the same one for five months so a little goes a long way!

About Palladio Under Eyes Disguise

Palladio Under Eyes Disguise High Coverage Concealer is a lightweight, creamy, high coverage formula which promises to even skin tone, cover imperfections and conceal under-eye circles.

Palladio Under Eyes Disguise comes in an impressive range of nine natural shades for everyday coverage and an additional three colour correction shades. Included are yellow for camouflaging dark circles, mint to neutralize redness and peach to minimize blue undertones and neutralize dark spots.

My shade is Cafe Au Lait which suits me so well I also wear it on it’s own (without foundation) on makeup-free days.

A multi-use product

The Palladio Under Eyes Disguise can be used in two ways, as an under-eye concealer AND for as a highlighter to brighten up your face.

For Under-Eye Concealing: Use a finger or small concealer brush to transfer the concealer in small amounts under the eye in a triangular shape. Now blend the concealer into your skin using a blending sponge for seamless application and no lines!

For Face Highlighting: Use finger or small concealer brush to transfer the concealer to bridge of your nose, under eyes, chin and forehead. Blend the concealer into your skin using a blending sponge. Set makeup with light face powder.

Palladio Under-Eyes Disguise Review

Would I recommend it

Having the power to disguise your tired mom eyes is such a game-changer! I do get medium to full coverage depending on how much I build it up. It does the job and blends well with my foundation. I like that it has a broad colour range and that it’s suitable even for sensitive skin.

I would definitely recommend this concealer as a staple for any new mom!

The Palladio Under-Eye Disguise concealer is available at Dischem and retails for R95. 

Palladio Under-Eyes Disguise Review

I received this product as a gift to review but all opinions are my own.