On the 4 November I celebrated my 34th birthday! On the eve of my birthday, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have had some girlfriends to celebrate my big day with. Outside of work and family, I admit that I don’t have any girlfriends to socialize with.

On a whim I logged onto Facebook and posted a message in two women’s community groups that I belong to (Mamahood Cape Town and South African Sisterhood) and announced that it was my birthday the next day and I wanted to meet up with any ladies who cared to join me for a slice of cake in town.

A tribe is born

That post struck a chord with a lot of women and what resulted was an outpouring of birthday posts in these private groups with my profile photos, hundreds of comments, private messages, phone calls, etc. from women all across Cape Town, South Africa and even as far as Botswana!

Given that it was a bit short notice (the next day in fact), a lot of women who wanted to join me could not make it, but women have been reaching out saying that they too are in much need of some “girl time” and because of that post my calendar has been fast filling up with upcoming coffee dates and new friendships were formed!

A lot of women are commending me for being brave enough to reach out because it seems that many women are in my situation, longing for the companionship of other women but too busy or just not exposed to other women enough to bond with.

My mom, some collegues and a few ladies who worked close enough to my office came to meet with me at Honest Chocolate on Wale Street and we had a fabulous time chatting, sharing experiences and having a laugh together.

Here are some photos of the fabulous time we had together! Here are some of the highlights…

Birthday cake

“With love from all of us” – my birthday cake made by my husband and his granny.

After all that excitement, I came home to a surprise birthday cake made by my  husband and his Granny and enjoyed it with my family to end off a perfect day.

All the flowers, cards and prezzies from the fabulous women I met that day!

I was very spoiled!

I’m so grateful for to all my new friends, old friends and my family who came to visit, call or message and I think I’m ready to tackle the new year on this blessed high note!

With all the ladies of Cape Town that messaged to say what a novel idea that was and who wanted to still meet up – I’m open to suggestions for our next birthday meet up!

Comment below if you are keen to meet a bunch of new girlfriends or send me an email to get in touch with me!