International Women's Day: 12 Reasons to celebrate being a woman

12 Reasons
On International Women’s Day, we can celebrate being a woman. I love to spend time with other women. Some of the common traits I’ve noticed by observing the women I know makes me so thankful to be a woman.

What is so great about being a woman?

A woman can be hard and soft all at the same time. We are the more emotional of the sexes but we are also brave and strong in the face of adversity.

I’m not just saying this either! I’m speaking based on my own experiences and from observing all of the amazing women I know. I know mothers, nurses, teachers, single moms, wives, etc. and seeing how they deal with everyday challenges while still being so encouraging and optimistic about the future inspires me!

Here are some more reasons to celebrate being a women…

1. Hair and makeup

What a joy it is to change our hair and makeup to suit our mood and stages in life! With so many beauty products on the market life never gets dull.

I only started wearing learning how to apply makeup properly and take care of my skin in my thirties. There is nothing I love more than sitting in a nail salon and enjoying the hub of interesting conversation around me.

2. Accessories and signature fragrances

We can discover our own unique style and wear the kind of accessories and fragrances we like. My tastes change often but that’s OK because I am always developing and going through different life stages. It’s fun to experiment with my style!

3. We celebrate life

My husband is not one for making a huge deal about special occasions. I thank God for women who mark time and know how to make small moment big ones!

Women are usually the ones who would remember a  special occasion and want to celebrate! And when we gift each other, even the smallest, thoughtful gestures are noticed and appreciated.

4. People tolerate our bad behavior

It’s acceptable to have a few days of the month to just be miserable and eat chocolate. Everyone understand PMS, it’s like free pass to be really ratty if that’s how you feel.

5. We are treated like queens

Gentlemen hold doors open for ladies. We’re also allowed to walk through doorways first, offered seats on the bus if standing room only, etc. I’m fortunate enough to have married a gentleman!

6. Getting over stuff

While it’s true that a woman can hold a grudge very well, it’s also true (in my case at least) that with the right words spoken we can forgive and move on. Personal failure is an opportunity for learning.

7. Female companionship

Women have the best fun and enjoy the company of other women and we’re always looking for an excuse to host a tea parties, baby showers, girls night outs, coffee dates, phone calls, etc.

8. We can change our appearance at any time

They say a change is as good as a holiday and I have to agree. I hugely admire women who have taken the plunge and made a change in their appearance. Experimenting with your hair, body weight, etc. can make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself. I love seeing women making a change to improve their appearance and it giving them a new confidence.

9. Empathy

Men want to fix things. Women will listen, be understanding and usually would be the ones to know when to offer advise or just a listening ear.

10. We love to share knowledge

Women love to up-skill. We will share our recipes, teach each other how to do things like crafting, etc. Teaching someone how to make something new is very rewarding!

11. Sad days don’t last forever

Everyone deals with stress differently. However long it takes, we are usually able to pick up and keep moving in a forward direction. Even if it means having to take only one day at a time. Very rarely have a seen a women just give up completely. Every small step is a win sometimes when you’re really down.

12. Emotional support

Women know what to do in a time of crisis. Listening with understanding and knowing what kind of support is needed are one of our greatest gifts God gave us.

I’m so privileged to have a daughter. A lot of these experiences I can share with her. It’s such a privilege to know that the type of woman I am will in a small way impact the type of women she will become one day!

Happy Women’s Day


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What do you enjoy most about being a woman? Or what do you appreciate most about a woman you know? Let me know in the comments below…