Joshua's Birthday Interview

Joshua's birthday interview

My first born, my eldest child, the one who made me a mother, has just turned 9 years old! Although I can account for every year of his life, it’s still alarming to realize how fleeting the childhood years are. They go by in a blink and then suddenly the tween years are just up ahead.

Joshua's 9th birthday

On his birthday I sat him down and gave him a birthday interview, asking him a bunch of random questions which he really enjoyed answering.

I plan to do this every year just to see how he develops!

Joshua's 9th birthday

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful chocolate mousse cake that his Granny Pamela got at Limnos Bakery? It was absolutely divine!

Joshua’s 9th birthday interview

What are your favourite colors?

I like cool colours like blue, green and black.

What are your favourite foods?

I like sushi, burgers, spaghetti and fish fingers – and all of that with tomato sauce! I also like anything with sugar in it like cake, cupcakes and donuts.

What kind of games do you like to play?

I like to play cowboy and agency games  (CIA, FBI, NASA). Agency games are the coolest because I can use advanced technology to fight the bad guys like gamma rays, invisibility powers…that kind of thing.

What do you like doing?

I like to teach and learn about space. I also like to build stuff like properties with my sister using all of our building materials – blocks, legos, chairs and boxes.

Who do you like to hang out with?

My family mostly.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m GOING to be an astrologist when I grow up studying the universe and I’m also going to study the planet earth.

Alex interjects here that her brother could also be a master builder (with an American “a”) because he is very good at building stuff with blocks.

What are your favorite animals?

Zebras and penguins.

What is your favorite toy?

My zebra teddy Zou, of course! Everybody knows that…

Joshua and Zou visiting his grandparents and uncle in Hobart, Australia.

Joshua and Zou visiting his grandparents and uncle in Hobart, Australia.

What makes you laugh?

My sister! She tells really funny jokes and does the weirdest things.

Joshua and Alexandra

What is your favorite part of the day?

When I come home from school. I also like family days when everyone stays at home.

What are you afraid of?

Clowns and snakes creep me out.

Joshua is afraid of snakes

Also being on a boat because anything could go wrong. You could get caught in a storm, you could lose your paddles and be stuck in the middle of the ocean with only the tides to carry your wherever or you could get caught in a tsunami with no place to go…

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?

Hobart, Australia.


Joshua on Mnt. Wellington, Hobart, Australia.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Miles from Tomorrowland, Star Wars and any show on National Geographic….do you really want me to name them all?

What would you do with a million rand?

Find a place to mine. Get gold. Buy a country.

#lifegoals #buyacountry